Eletronet inaugurates Internet exchange point IX in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Eletronet inaugurates Internet exchange point IX in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The telecom and connectivity service provider expands its presence in Brazil with an IX in Belo Horizonte, offering services to operators and internet providers.

Eletronet, a provider of IP transit services and high-speed long-distance circuits via Optical Fiber Network (OPGW) spanning over 17,000 kilometers throughout Brazil has announced the activation of the Belo Horizonte IX, expanding its operational footprint and product offerings in the region.

With this network expansion, Eletronet has a presence at 27 Points of Interconnection (PoIs) across Brazil and globally, solidifying its leadership among Brazilian operators.

The IX, also known as an Internet Exchange Point (IX), is a fundamental component of the Internet infrastructure. It enables Autonomous Systems, including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Internet content providers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and academic, financial and governmental institutions, among others, to interconnect directly for exchanging Internet traffic. It facilitates reduced latency, improved quality and Internet optimization.

Célio Mello, Product Manager, Eletronet, said: “Typically, a provider needs to establish direct links with content concentration centers, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or Fortaleza, either directly or by contracting data links. However, with IX, these connections are no longer necessary, making data exchange direct, more efficient and increasing security levels.”

The activation of the IX in Belo Horizonte will primarily benefit providers in the region. However, providers from across Brazil interested in traffic exchange and accessing content available at the IX will also benefit from the connection. As a result, clients throughout Brazil gain a competitive edge with differentiated connectivity through peering with Belo Horizonte traffic exchange participants.

Eletronet will offer various IP transit modalities from its portfolio, such as Full IP and IP Brasil and will also enable clients to connect directly to the IX, either physically through a Golden Jumper or through a logical connection via VLAN, using Eletronet connection to the IX.

The Belo Horizonte IX is highly relevant in Brazil, boasting 102 participants and over 30 Gbps of traffic. In this context, Eletronet entry will contribute, bringing in new participants and increasing traffic, as in other recently connected points.

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