Rumo and Embratel partner to expand Claro 4G coverage on trains across the Serra de Santos in Brazil

Rumo and Embratel partner to expand Claro 4G coverage on trains across the Serra de Santos in Brazil

The installation of more than 40 transmission antennas reduces communication time between drivers and the Rumo operations control center by 97%.

Rumo, the leading railway operator in Brazil, and Embratel have announced the expansion of Claro 4G signal coverage across the entire Serra de Santos in São Paulo, Brazil, to support locomotive operations in the region. 

The project, divided into two phases, installed 41 transmission antennas, which are now 100% operational, along the 41 kilometers stretch between the Evangelista and Paratinga stations.

A significant improvement in train circulation in the region is already underway, bringing greater autonomy and reducing communication time between locomotive operators and the Operations Control Center (CCO) of Rumo, ensuring speed and agility in information sharing.

Rumo, which manages the Brazilian main railway corridor between Rondonópolis (Mato Grosso) and the Port of Santos (São Paulo), uses the 4G transmission service through Claro chips, with a project developed by Embratel. 

The goal is to optimize communication between trains and the CCO, reducing transit time for the section and increasing the logistical efficiency of the operation.

Marco Andriola, CIO, Rumo

Marco Andriola, CIO, Rumo, said: “Our trains previously relied on satellite communication in this mountainous section. Due to the local topography, satellite signals did not provide good coverage in the mountains, an area of great complexity due to train density, impacting circulation. 

“Now, we have about a 97% reduction in the time it takes to send information between trains and the CCO, which has reduced our delay, in some cases, from seven minutes to just a few seconds. Additionally, the locomotive operators gain significant safety benefits alerting teams along the 41 kilometers mountainous stretch more quickly.”

The robust infrastructure designed by Embratel allows for greater agility in real-time tracking of locomotives. 

Gustavo Silbert, Executive Director, Embratel, said: “In the mountainous section, there is a steep area with dense vegetation, where the only connectivity option is 4G. The project was developed jointly by the companies and followed Rumo’s needs so that we could deliver a quality service that met demands. Thus, we provide a secure and stable connection to enable and foster Digital Transformation in operations.”

In addition to 4G connectivity, Embratel already provides various services to Rumo railways and locomotives throughout Brazil, such as data centers, cloud, Wi-Fi, point-to-point radio connection, equipment management and monitoring.

To optimize railway operation communication, Rumo also internally redesigned the locomotives. Thus, railway vehicles can capture 4G signals integrated with satellite communication used in sections outside the mountains. 

“In addition to Embratel, an important partner in this project, we had the contribution of Nokia, responsible for developing the critical mission network solution for our locomotives,” said Andriola.

Through the solution developed by Nokia, Embratel intelligence, configured in the cloud and hosted in the Lapa Data Center, one of the most modern in the country, allows the definition of which type of connection is most suitable during each stretch of the route.

It enables automatic connectivity change when the locomotive enters the Serra de Santos, switching to the 4G signal. When the locomotive leaves the area, another automatic connectivity standard changes, if necessary.

Marcelo Entreconti, Director, Nokia Enterprise for Latin America, said: “Mission-critical networks play a fundamental role in digitizing the business market. Based on our global experience with over 2,200 clients with these types of networks, we bring Rumo cost-effective, robust and secure connectivity. We are confident in the success of this new expansion phase and ready to support our client business growth.”

The extensive connectivity network already invested in projects with Rumo allowed for the installation of cameras in the train cabins for constant monitoring, which, in the next phase, will be enabled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics.

With intelligent reading, the technologies can generate a wealth of information to prevent emergencies and identify potential accidents, including analyzing signs of fatigue in conductors and other unusual scenarios.

With a fast and secure network offered by Embratel, cameras combined with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics will allow for uninterrupted image analysis. Embratel will integrate all technologies with a robust infrastructure to take Rumo to the next level of digitization.

The implementation process of this new project phase, with 4G in the Serra de Santos, began in May 2022 and involved a series of studies focused on optimizing communication in the specific section. Since it is a public network, the local population and businesses are also benefiting, with improved quality and ease of internet connectivity. The goal is to expand the initiative to other mountainous sections and other operations.

About Rumo

Rumo is the largest railway operator in Brazil, offering logistics services for railway transportation, port handling and storage. The company operates 12 transshipment terminals and six-port terminals and manages approximately 14,000 kilometers of rail lines in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Tocantins. 

The asset base consists of 1,400 locomotives and 35,000 wagons. Rumo is in the 17th portfolio of ISE B3, the B3 Sustainability Index that recognizes reference companies for ESG practices.

About Embratel

Embratel is a leading provider of IT and Telecom services in Brazil. It is an enabler of Digital Transformation for companies in all sectors and a leader in telecommunications with its high-level infrastructure. 

Embratel provides solutions such as cloud computing, data centers, security, Internet of Things (IoT), Professional Services, connectivity and collaboration, omnichannel, robotic process automation, data transmission, video, Internet, corporate mobile and fixed telephony, national and international long distance and a series of other solutions to support the business market on its journey of growth in the new digital economy. 

Developing, implementing and managing convergent solutions, Embratel is a recognized company for delivering excellent services focused on customer experience.

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