Origem Energia and Datagration join forces to revolutionize energy analytics in Brazil’s oil and gas industry

Origem Energia and Datagration join forces to revolutionize energy analytics in Brazil’s oil and gas industry

Origem Energia, a trailblazing Brazilian integrated energy solutions provider, and Datagration, a pioneering US-based energy and environmental Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developer, are delighted to announce a groundbreaking three-year commercial agreement focused on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies in the energy sector.

The heart of this partnership lies in PetroVisor, a cutting-edge SaaS Platform developed by Datagration. PetroVisor empowers Origem Energia to seamlessly integrate intricate engineering, operations, financial and other enterprise data, enabling the company to execute and automate intricate analytics processes. The platform harnesses the power of advanced AI and ML technology, facilitating the centralized consolidation, cleansing and integration of data from diverse sources.

According to Luna Viana, COO at Origem Energia, the collaboration has been successful: “This has been a productive and innovative collaboration from the outset. Our engineers and data scientists worked with their peers at Datagration to prove the value of PetroVisor. As a pilot, we integrated multi-source production and well test data from fifty wells. This, coupled with dashboard visualizations, improved our back allocation process and provides predictions driven by automated Decline Curve Analysis.”

With the pilot’s success, Origem Energia and Datagration are now deploying PetroVisor across all of Origem’s producing assets. PetroVisor’s AI and ML-driven analytical applications are poised to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of Origem’s operational management.

Peter Bernard, Datagrations’ CEO and Chairman, said: “We now have PetroVisor users in many of the world’s oil and gas producing regions. But this is our first fully commercial contract in Brazil. As the implementation progressed, we found ourselves to be highly aligned with Origem’s bold, entrepreneurial and innovative values. This is two great companies working together to push the boundaries of AI and ML in upstream oil and gas.”

PetroVisor has already effectively integrated multi-source production and well testing data from fifty wells, resulting in enhanced production estimates, streamlined back allocation processes, and predictive insights powered by automated Decline Curve Analysis. The solution is a fully automated Virtual Flow Meter, empowering Origem Energia’s engineers with real-time production dashboards that guide their strategic decisions and asset management.

The ongoing partnership shows Origem Energia’s commitment to embracing digital technologies to optimize processes, enhance cost-effectiveness and elevate production efficiency. By leveraging Datagration’s state-of-the-art technology, Origem Energia aims to replace traditional oil and gas processes with innovative workflows tailored to Brazilian production operations.

With PetroVisor, Origem Energia eliminates uncertainties arising from data gaps caused by lost sensors or missed well testing. This platform ushers in a new era of production management, enabling trend analysis and proactive measures to correct and prevent deferred production.

Origem Energia and Datagration’s collaboration marks a pivotal step forward in the energy sector’s ability to manage and optimize production processes. By utilizing PetroVisor’s capabilities to their fullest potential, including its Machine Learning algorithms for integrating testing and sensor data and utilizing historical production data for estimation, both companies are revolutionizing data analytics in oil and gas operations worldwide.

We asked Peter Bernard, CEO and Chairman at Datagration, further questions to find out more about the project.

The commercial agreement with Origem Energia marks Datagration’s first fully commercial contract in Brazil. How significant is this milestone for the company?

The commercial agreement with Origem Energia represents a pivotal milestone for Datagration, marking the company’s entry into a crucial market. Brazil, with its strategic significance in the energy sector, has witnessed a transformative period with Petrobras divesting multiple onshore assets, including both land and offshore mature fields. This divestment has given rise to numerous new oil and gas companies, each grappling with similar challenges in managing and optimizing their data systems.

The timing of Datagration’s entry into Brazil aligns seamlessly with the emerging needs of these recently formed companies. The shared challenges they face in effectively handling data systems provide a unique opportunity for Datagration to offer tailored solutions. The commercial agreement with Origem Energia not only signifies the company’s ability to adapt to diverse market dynamics but also positions Datagration as a key player in addressing the common obstacles faced by the oil and gas industry in Brazil.

Furthermore, the ability to expedite the optimization of mature fields is a critical aspect of this milestone. Leveraging Datagration’s expertise, these new entrants in the Brazilian market can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency and maximize the potential of mature fields. This not only aligns with the broader industry goals but also positions Datagration as a valuable partner in driving innovation and progress within the Brazilian energy landscape.

In essence, the commercial agreement with Origem Energia signifies more than just a contractual arrangement – it symbolizes Datagration’s strategic entry into a significant market, where the company’s expertise and solutions can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the oil and gas sector in Brazil.

What opportunities do you see in the Brazilian market?

The Brazilian market presents a wealth of opportunities for growth and innovation, making it an exciting prospect for companies seeking to make a substantial impact. Firstly, the market is in a phase of dynamic expansion, providing fertile ground for businesses to thrive and establish a robust presence.

One significant opportunity lies in the prevalent usage of scattered data sources within the Brazilian energy sector, coupled with a lack of standardization. This situation creates a demand for solutions that can seamlessly integrate and harmonize diverse data sets. Companies with the capability to provide standardized data solutions can play a pivotal role in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making processes for the emerging oil and gas entities in Brazil.

Moreover, the automation of various production-related workflows presents a promising avenue for innovation. Processes such as flowmeter management, production back allocation and the identification of underperforming wells can benefit greatly from advanced automation technologies. Businesses offering solutions in these areas can contribute significantly to streamlining operations, reducing manual workload and optimizing overall production efficiency.

Furthermore, the applicability of these advancements is not limited to onshore operations; they extend to offshore fields as well. The ability to implement efficient and automated workflows in offshore environments is particularly valuable, given the unique challenges posed by such settings. Companies that can address the specific needs of offshore operations stand to gain a competitive edge in this evolving market.

In summary, the Brazilian market, with its growth trajectory, data integration challenges and the potential for automation in both onshore and offshore fields, presents a canvas of opportunities for companies at the forefront of technological innovation. By addressing these specific needs, businesses can position themselves as valuable contributors to the advancement and optimization of the burgeoning energy sector in Brazil.

PetroVisor has users in many of the world’s oil and gas producing regions. How does the technology have to be adapted to meet the specific needs of different geographical locations?

PetroVisor’s versatility lies in its adaptability to the diverse needs of oil and gas producing regions globally. The technology’s strength lies in its capability to seamlessly connect with any data source, automatically ingesting the required data. This functionality expedites the implementation of PetroVisor and EcoVisor, empowering them with a rich set of AI/ML-driven workflows tailored to each region’s unique demands.

In Brazil, for instance, PetroVisor is customized to support the implementation process, specifically addressing the requirements set by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). This ensures that companies utilizing PetroVisor in Brazil can efficiently meet regulatory standards and industry-specific mandates.

An additional feature that enhances PetroVisor’s adaptability is its support for ‘external activities’. This means that the technology can seamlessly integrate any specific requirement or framework, allowing for a flexible and tailored approach to address the distinct challenges presented by different geographical locations. Whether it’s compliance with regulatory standards or accommodating specific industry needs, PetroVisor’s capability to import external activities ensures a customized and comprehensive solution for diverse oil and gas producing regions globally.

How far has the cultural alignment in values between the two companies been a factor behind the collaboration’s success?

The cultural alignment in values between Origem Energia and our company has been a pivotal factor in the success of our collaboration. Origem Energia’s forward-looking approach towards efficiently managing their expanding assets aligns seamlessly with our commitment to leveraging technology for doing more with less. PetroVisor serves as a cornerstone in supporting this shared effort, fostering a mutually beneficial work environment.

The success of our collaboration is underscored by the realization that PetroVisor aligns with Origem Energia’s vision for the future, offering solutions that enable efficient asset management and automation of various workflows. As Origem Energia consistently seeks continuous improvement opportunities, the cultural alignment between our companies becomes even more critical. This shared commitment to innovation and optimization lays a solid foundation for the ongoing success of our collaboration and the evolution of PetroVisor’s capabilities to meet the dynamic needs of Origem Energia.

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