Nokia selected by Brazil’s K2 Telecom as key partner to strengthen security

Nokia selected by Brazil’s K2 Telecom as key partner to strengthen security

Nokia has announced that it has been selected with partner DPR by K2 Telecom Brazil to provide solutions that will help the ISP strengthen its network security and create new revenue streams.

Nokia will deploy its unique and innovative BNG/CGNAT wholesale solution, enabling K2 Telecom to provide all IP infrastructure and ISP requirements as-a-Service, as well as providing cloud-based DDoS Defence-as-a-Service. 

K2 Telecom decided to strengthen its security capabilities with network-embedded DDoS security and selected Nokia Deepfield Defender, a software-based DDoS detection and mitigation solution that combines network data (telemetry, DNS, BGP, etc.), with Nokia’s patented Deepfield Secure Genome – a cloud-based, continuously updated data feed that tracks the security context of the internet. With its industry-leading DDoS protection capabilities, Deepfield Defender will be instrumental in helping K2 Telecom keep its services running and customers safe at all times.

Through Secure Genome technology, Deepfield Defender delivers detailed visibility into over five billion IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, tracking internet traffic over 30 categories and deploying more than 100 Machine Learning rules (ML) for automatic classification and precise allocation of applications and flows into security-related traffic types and categories.

This detailed security context of the internet traffic (e.g., details about prior attacks, insecure servers and compromised IoT devices that can be used for DDoS attacks) is used for the fast and accurate DDoS detection (e.g., the latest generation of botnet-originated DDoS) and rapid mitigation of the most complex attacks. This is the first Nokia Deepfield Defender deployment in a regional ISP in this part of the world.

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