Aeromexico raises safety measures and efficiency of operations with AI-powered IBM Technology

Aeromexico raises safety measures and efficiency of operations with AI-powered IBM Technology

The airline adopted a technology developed by IBM and implemented by Xatrix that helps to anticipate the impact of weather events in their operations.

Aeromexico is using IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, a tool to monitor, anticipate, plan, and respond to the potential impact of extreme weather events on air operations.

This technology aims to enhance safety measures and operational efficiency for the benefit of its customers and employees. Xatrix, a Mexican consultancy company and IBM Business Partner, implemented the technology.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the tool enables the airline to conduct informed climate risk analysis. It provides weather information and geospatial data across the more than 100 routes Aeromexico operates in Mexico and globally. The system also issues alerts to consider current and expected conditions such as wind, rain, and lightning, aiding in operational decisions for flight planning.

The need for such technology is underscored by rising adverse weather conditions impacting business. The Global Economic Forum’s 2023 Global Risks Report indicates that extreme weather events and natural disasters are the second-most serious global risk for the upcoming years.

“The future of business and the environment are deeply connected, and technology is enabling a greater understanding of climate and its impact on businesses,” said Manuel Gonzalez del Yerro, Sustainability Software Leader for IBM Latin America. He added: “For us, Aeromexico’s trust in IBM technologies to help them manage climate risk is a source of pride, putting safety measures and efficiency above all else and anticipating adverse atmospheric events.”

Diego Convalia, Aeromexico’s Vice President of Technical Flight Operations, commented: “This technology complements the most modern aircrafts like the ones we have, the expertise of our crews, and the air traffic control technology and services of the countries where we operate”. And continued: “This technology helps us in decisions for takeoffs, landings, flight routes, and ground operations, which contributes to elevate flying to be an extraordinary experience.”

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