DE-CIX is entering Mexico – paving the way for regional Digital Transformation

DE-CIX is entering Mexico – paving the way for regional Digital Transformation

Internet exchange operator DE-CIX has launched new IXs in Mexico. The new Internet exchanges in Mexico will be directly connected to the company’s interconnection ecosystem in Dallas – the largest carrier and data center neutral IX serving America’s Southwest region. Ivo Ivanov, the CEO of DE-CIX who inaugurated the IXs in Mexico City, explains why ‘latency is the new currency’.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, where information flows at an unprecedented rate, the importance of a robust Internet infrastructure cannot be overstated. Gone are the days when a data center on one continent could effectively serve the needs of users on another.

The localization of infrastructure and the local interconnection of networks is essential for a nation’s participation in the digital economy and paves the way for Digital Transformation. The recent expansion of DE-CIX to Mexico, building Internet Exchanges (IXs) in Mexico City and Queretaro, marks a pivotal moment for the Digital Transformation of the country, promising heightened connectivity, fortified security, and optimized digital experiences for both businesses and individuals.

Why is this? Because Internet Exchanges play a vital role in the global digital ecosystem. A new approach to the interconnection of digital infrastructure will transform not only Mexican connectivity, but the economy as a whole.

DE-CIX: The largest neutral interconnection ecosystem globally

With nearly three decades of experience, DE-CIX has established itself as the leading operator of Internet Exchanges in the world. The company’s footprint spans around 50 metro-markets in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East and Asia. These IXs facilitate seamless interconnection of thousands of network operators (carriers), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content providers, cloud service providers and enterprise networks from over 100 countries. The services offered by DE-CIX include peering, cloud connectivity and various other cutting-edge interconnection solutions.

DE-CIX’s expansion into Mexico takes the company into a vibrant and strategically positioned market. Mexico serves as a crucial gateway between North and South American traffic flows, boasting terrestrial and sub-sea cable connections, as well as sub-sea cable connectivity across the Pacific. The new IXs in Mexico mark DE-CIX’s first foray into Latin America, offering an opportunity to address the growing demand for enhanced digital connectivity in the region. DE-CIX Mexico City and DE-CIX Queretaro are now taking bookings, with the first customer networks already signed up.

A nexus for digital excellence

DE-CIX Mexico will provide data center and carrier neutral, secure and high-performance interconnection services to ISPs, content delivery networks, network operators, cloud service providers and enterprises of all sizes. Initially hosted in KIO Data centers, the exchanges will expand to include data centers from various operators in due course, further solidifying DE-CIX’s position as a critical component of Mexico’s digital infrastructure.

DE-CIX Mexico will seamlessly integrate into the North American and global DE-CIX ecosystem, connecting thousands of networks. Direct connectivity to DE-CIX Dallas, known for its status as the largest carrier and data center-neutral IX in the Southwest and one of the top 15 IXs in the United States, will provide access to

content and clouds based in the US a latency of approximately 20 milliseconds, further enhancing existing access to local content, clouds and applications in Mexico. This offers an intermediate solution for Mexican users until growing network density in Mexico is able to attract greater localization of content, clouds and applications.

Empowering Digital Transformation in Mexico

DE-CIX is ready to meet the surging demand for low latency connectivity with enterprise-grade interconnection services, such as direct connectivity to cloud service providers and direct access to cloud-based applications. This initiative is set to unlock the potential of the digital economy by improving content and application performance, offering affordable, high-quality Internet access for businesses and individuals alike.

Industry giants such as AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google have already set their sights on Mexico, with some having already established a local presence in Queretaro and others planning their market entry. DE-CIX Mexico will enable enterprises to connect directly to Mexican and US-based clouds with minimal latency through the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange, a significant step towards the cloudification of Mexico’s economy.

Latency is the new currency

In today’s digital landscape, latency is the new currency. The latency required for a satisfactory user experience in current digital applications, such as video conferencing, is typically within the range of 35 to 65 milliseconds. To achieve optimal results, latency should ideally be around 20 milliseconds. Low latency is the cornerstone of emerging technologies and concepts, including the Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality and Augmented Reality. Autonomous driving, for instance, necessitates latency well below 10 milliseconds.

Data cannot travel faster than light, imposing physical limitations on digital infrastructure. To ensure excellent performance, data centers and interconnection points must be brought closer to end-users, driving the trend known as ‘moving to the Edge’.

Moreover, the rise in demand for enterprise-grade interconnection reflects a shift in how large companies approach the digital landscape. New digital technologies demand flexible interconnection services to support their diverse needs.

DE-CIX’s unwavering commitment to providing world-class interconnection services aligns with the demands of the evolving digital world. With access to high-performance interconnection services locally, Mexico will be able to redefine its digital landscape, fostering a future marked by enhanced connectivity, security and Digital Transformation.

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