OKX expansion: Crypto exchange and Web3 Wallet launch in Argentina

OKX expansion: Crypto exchange and Web3 Wallet launch in Argentina

Now with over 50 million users worldwide, OKX has launched its crypto exchange and Web3 Wallet in Argentina.

OKX Exchange pitches itself as a trusted platform for crypto trading, staking and deep liquidity across hundreds of crypto assets – with ‘robust’ security protections.

Argentinians can now also use the non-custodial OKX Web3 Wallet, a secure portal to manage DeFi, trade NFTs, use dApps and more through its user-friendly interface.

Additionally, peer-to-peer platform OKX P2P is available to enable direct crypto purchases from verified local users.

It offers dedicated Spanish-language support and a selection of local payment alternatives within P2P to make crypto accessible.

OKX President Hong Fang said: “The immense promise of crypto and Blockchain is expanding across Latin America and Argentina represents a crucial launch pad for our regional growth strategy.”

OKX Argentina Country Manager Alejandro Estrin said: ” We customized an intuitive Argentina-localized trading platform spanning popular crypto assets with deep liquidity. With these compliant, secure and user-friendly solutions tailored to local needs, we aim to accelerate responsible crypto innovation across retail and institutional participants in Argentina.”

OKX also provides transparency for users. The global exchange was among the first to publish monthly Proof of Reserves verified via zk-STARKs cryptography to publicly validate holdings.

The latest proof of reserves showed over 124.9 billion on assets backing user funds ay 104% collateralization rate.

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