Dynatrace observability platform optimizes Icatu Seguros projects

Dynatrace observability platform optimizes Icatu Seguros projects

Technology provides strategic insights for technology adjustments and rapid decision-making.

Dynatrace is improving Icatu Seguros’ Pension and Life Insurance projects through the incorporation of its observability platform.

This strategic measure has generated significant impacts in several areas of operations, promoting closer collaboration between teams and enabling assertive decisions in tactical sectors – always based on data.

As a result of the automations implemented, the team’s productivity increased considerably. Currently, 1,190 services and 153 dashboards are monitored – including executive information and parameters of interest.

Dynatrace’s technology is used by Icatu Seguros, with emphasis on robots that simulate users’ access to the company’s website for the continuous improvement of navigation.

This integration has proven to be essential for online measurement of application availability and for periodic evaluations, since the number of successful executions and the usage flow are tested to ensure a positive customer experience.

Dynatrace plays a key role in monitoring calls and using internal APIs. By taking a proactive approach, it allows Icatu Seguros to identify and resolve problems even before they are perceived by end customers.

In addition, the tool plays an excellent role in notifying the team on duty, providing detailed notifications and indications on how to solve any programming or interface problems between applications.

This streamlined process ensures that the team of technicians receives complete information to respond effectively to any issues.

The use of Dynatrace technology has helped Icatu Seguros to increase its work agility and to have significant returns with the treatment of support demands.

This has resulted in valuable assistance to the project teams in dealing with the technical complexities and internal connections between the various services offered through different systems and interfaces.

As a result, there was a 90% decrease in the need for meetings to resolve critical technical issues.

“The project with Dynatrace stands out for offering specific indicators to support our business,” said Eduardo Neves, Account Executive, Dynatrace.

“It is very gratifying to offer the best solutions and even to benchmark the market. Our customers get important insights for their projects.”

With such positive results, Icatu Seguros aims to continue progressing with Dynatrace’s solutions, collecting essential data from its technological infrastructure.

This journey aims to ensure a robust and efficient operational framework for projects, while maintaining the commitment to provide a seamless experience to customers.

“The synergy of our union proves to be a strategic alliance, offering unprecedented visibility into customer relationships, solving persistent challenges, providing detailed notifications and cross-referencing information from multiple customer interface systems. This optimized process ensures an effective response to possible challenges”, said Luís Rezende, Information Technology Infrastructure Manager, Icatu Seguros.

Given this scenario, Icatu Seguros is confident to continue leveraging the innovative solutions provided by Dynatrace to its customers in future projects.

The company says the successful trajectory reinforces the importance of strategic partnerships in the business environment, driving operational efficiency and continuous excellence.

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