GeneXus enhances AI development using NVIDIA technology

GeneXus enhances AI development using NVIDIA technology

GeneXus, a Globant company, has enhanced its AI platform with the integration of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

By using NVIDIA frameworks and libraries to manage large language models (LLMs), GeneXus empowers organizations to rapidly deploy AI applications, offering seamless integration with existing technology stacks, prioritizing security, privacy and scalability.

GeneXus’ business-centric approach is further enriched by the use of NVIDIA NIM microservices available in NVIDIA’s API catalog.

This allows the development of specialized assistants through the GeneXus platform – designed to facilitate a wide range of commercial applications.

Recognizing the importance of non-functional requirements, GeneXus enhances the enterprise AI offering with advanced security and privacy features.

Integrated access control models and the inclusion of NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails within the NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform highlight GeneXus’ commitment to the secure and responsible development of Artificial Intelligence applications.

This new offering highlights the importance of rapid, low-code AI deployment for enterprises, positioning GeneXus’ offering, which is powered by NVIDIA AI Enterprise, as an important advancement.

The approach not only accelerates time to market for AI-powered solutions, but also democratizes access to cutting-edge AI technologies. By simplifying the integration of advanced technology capabilities into business applications, GeneXus offers a distinct advantage to companies looking to innovate quickly and efficiently.

This integration of NVIDIA technology represents an important milestone in GeneXus’ mission to simplify the creation of Artificial Intelligence applications for companies in various industries.

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