Xperience 2024: Genesys launches Native Journey Management for Genesys Cloud

Xperience 2024: Genesys launches Native Journey Management for Genesys Cloud

New capabilities give organizations unmatched visibility into customer behaviours to provide personalized experiences that build loyalty.

Genesys has announced the availability of native journey management capabilities for the Genesys Cloud platform that seamlessly works alongside Genesys Cloud AI to help organizations ensure every customer interaction is continuously optimized.

Outlined at Xperience 2024 in Denver, Genesys Cloud Journey Management allows organizations to build, monitor and visualize customer interactions as they shop, buy and get service, and then use those insights to maximize the impact of Genesys Cloud AI through improved automation, prediction and conversational intelligence. New levels of understanding and control allow organizations to better orchestrate customer journeys for more personalized end-to-end experiences.

“Our native journey management capabilities further deepen the AI-powered experience orchestration engine of Genesys Cloud,” said Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer, Genesys. “With this release, every organization can now harness deeper insights about their customers’ journeys, giving them new levels of visibility and control to continually deliver the personalized, end-to-end experiences that drive business growth.”

Journey Flows and Journey Analyzer are now embedded within Genesys Cloud, enabling organizations to start uncovering insights from their existing customer data with no extra configuration required. This gives organizations instant access to powerful customer journey visualizations, analytics and insights to bring their customer behavior to life across every interaction. Businesses can pinpoint where customers are switching channels, repeating actions or successfully achieving their intended goals. Organizations can now use Journey Flows and Journey Analyzer to:

Visualize customer behavior to identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Centralize customer and employee data processing through a single unified view of customers and employees.
  • Enhance analytics by using the same dataset as routing, schedules, forecasting and machine learning.
  • Connect events together, such as identifying customers who call back a day after a digital interaction or customers who choose not to interact with bots.

How Genesys Cloud Journey Management and Genesys Cloud AI work together

Journey management is integral to delivering AI-powered experience orchestration and Genesys Cloud Journey Management and Genesys Cloud AI are complementary technologies that enhance one another. Genesys Cloud AI generates crucial data that the journey management technology relies on for visualizing and analyzing customer behavior. Insights from Genesys Cloud Journey Management are then used by the platform’s AI to continually enhance its training, knowledge and data in a range of ways, such as:

  • Identifying where and when to create new self-service and virtual agent interactions to better address customer behavioral patterns.
  • Improving conversational AI models through greater understanding of customer intents and closing knowledge database gaps to ensure effectiveness.
  • Leveraging insights to boost predictive capabilities to deliver the next best action to customers and more accurate routing to the right resource based on their individual needs.

By bringing together Genesys Cloud AI and Genesys Cloud Journey Management, the company is laying the groundwork to help organizations better understand the root causes of successful and unsuccessful experiences and receive timely alerts when there are unexpected changes in journey performance. This paves the way for business leaders to address challenges more effectively, armed with sharper insights and faster responses.

Journey Flows is now available and included with any Genesys Cloud CX license, while Journey Analyzer is currently offered under limited availability. These capabilities mark the first phase of native journey management for the Genesys Cloud platform with more expansion expected this year.

Neil Jones, Voice Communications Lead, Awaze, said: “Using Genesys Cloud Journey Management for just a short time showed us how we can use journey analytics to help fine-tune our approach to CX. The ability to see into our flows and visualize customer behavior interactively in the same platform where we design and build experiences helps us to instantly apply this insight to optimize every touchpoint for the best customer outcome.”

 Sheila McGee-Smith, President and Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics, said: “Journey management capabilities have long been a holy grail for companies seeking to understand how best to service their customers and prospects. To date, these capabilities have required complex and expensive add-ons, which only the largest companies deployed.

“With journey management now natively available in Genesys Cloud, more businesses will be well-positioned for a future where AI-driven service experiences will dominate, requiring them to continually optimize their knowledge, data and training to fuel positive, loyalty-building engagement with their customers.”

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