Embratel expands satellite connectivity solution to provide redundancy

Embratel expands satellite connectivity solution to provide redundancy

Embratel has expanded IPSat, a Ka-band satellite broadband service, to provide redundancy for companies in all sectors.

The upgrade of the connectivity solution is indicated for businesses that need services with high availability and efficiency. It can be used by companies with critical data and by those who need to ensure network backup.

“Embratel’s IPSat is based on advanced technology and its own self-sufficient network, which provides a reliable and stable connection,” says Gustavo Silbert, Embratel’s Executive Director.

“The search for redundancy tends to grow because it is increasingly essential to ensure business continuity. For this reason, our solution stands out as a reliable backup service, which can circumvent local terrestrial infrastructure problems while keeping connectivity active.”

Embratel’s satellite broadband service can also be integrated with the SD-WAN (Software Defined Network) solution, to further enhance its benefits. “We are providing continuous and resilient connectivity for the corporate market, regardless of the geographic location of the companies, whether they are in large urban centers or in more remote regions,” said Silbert.

“IPSat is offered in a flexible and adaptable way for each company, among the speeds marketed for the use of the solution are 20 Mbps (download) with 4 Mbps (upload) or 25 Mbps (download) with 4 Mbps (upload), which can be contracted with a Fixed IP, allowing configurations of reverse access to the customer’s network or dynamic.”

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