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Drones, sensors and AI: Welcome to the Fourth Agribusiness Revolution

The agricultural sector will undergo transformations with access to new technologies, services and operating models to make the production of all types of food more efficient. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extensive term that encompasses countless devices that, since the last decade, have begun not only to connect but also to interact with […]

Back to the offices: How to boost digital security in the hybrid work era

Wolmer Andrade Godoi, CTO, Blockbit, a global cybersecurity solutions company, explains the importance of thinking about digital security in a new era of hybrid work. According to him, it is important for companies to be alert to make this process of recovery happen in a safe way. ‘Nothing that was will be, again, the way […]

Data key to Chilean ministry’s accessibility project

An initiative of the Chilean Ministry of Sciences looks to solve problems by organizing sources and offering data, information and analysis on a website that is easily accessible for the citizen. Accessing the information generated by a country like Chile on the behaviour of the various entities that participate in processes related to scientific research, […]

Making printing part of Digital Transformation

Germán Daza, Marketing Product Manager for Latin America Solutions and Software at Lexmark, discusses the future of printing operations in business environments.  It’s not a surprise to anyone that, in the last year, the adoption of new technologies evolved so rapidly that advances were made that were only expected to happen in the next five […]

How does the Blockchain boom affect the software industry and what concrete effects will it have throughout this decade?

While Blockchain seems to encompass more and more scenarios, throughout the decade the IT industry will certainly find new ways to harness its potential. Experts from IBM, Oracle and Red Hat give us their vision on how this model can permeate various work and collaboration scenarios. Generally, the concept of Blockchain is associated with cryptocurrencies […]

Zero Trust to protect information

Jaime Galviz, General Manager of Microsoft Colombia, explains the benefits of the Zero Trust approach. “While cyberattacks are dynamic and growing in sophistication, the best defense is to be suspicious,” he says. Protecting health has kept the world in suspense for a year. We have designed the strictest protocols, permanent verification systems and risk mitigation […]

Flexibility: The new era of work

Marcela Perilla, President of SAP North Region of Latin America and the Caribbean, presents us with a challenge in the face of the new reality – adapting space and time to people’s work habits. Just as mobile phones, computers and numerous technologies and processes have changed in recent years, so has work. Globalization, Internet access […]

Survey reveals extent of Internet usage growth in Brazil

Internet use grows during the pandemic and the number of users in Brazil reaches 152 million, according to a survey by Research from TIC Household 2020 (COVID-19 Edition – Adapted Methodology) reveals Brazil has 152 million Internet users, corresponding to 81% of the country’s population aged 10 years or more. The study,promoted by the […]

The journey from tech side project to Return on Investment

With so many technology solutions on the market today, business leaders must decide where to invest their budgets to ensure they achieve Return on Investment. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, talks us through some of the key aspects to consider when looking to establish more advanced business operations and ensure a […]

Integrating the longer-term home office into your hybrid workplace

Guido Kragten, Category Lead for Cloud Platforms at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard company, suggests three factors organizations should consider to enable their employees to successfully work from home in the long-term. Finally, there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. As we get closer to the easing of lockdowns and social restrictions, […]

Highlighting infrastructure trends in post-pandemic data centers

Ed Solis, VP Americas Enterprise Infrastructure Sales, CommScope, explains how data centers rapidly adapted to the new conditions that the Covid-19 pandemic brought with it. This year has brought the accelerated deployment of new technologies and trends around data centers globally, after the massive adoption of remote work that the pandemic unleashed. Among the main […]

Five keys to mitigating today’s ransomware risks

 Dmitry Dontov, CEO and Chief Architect of Spin Technology, considers the best ways to approach modern ransomware prevention in the modern workplace.   Ransomware attacks grew by 435% in 2020 compared to 2019 and this increase is not expected to slow down anytime soon. To put that into perspective, ransomware attacks have outpaced the already massive growth rate for overall malware prevalence […]

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