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5G and the challenges with rising energy costs

Pedro Al Shara, CEO of TS Shara Brazil, a national manufacturer of nobreaks and voltage stabilizers, explains how 5G will impact energy consumption. The industry has been talking a lot about the potential of 5G, especially after the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved the auction notice in late February. The IDC consultancy estimates that, […]

Simplifying and optimising the data management process

With the exponential growth of data, Cristián Cabezas, Solutions Director, NTT Chile, tells us how to simplify and optimise the process of data management. In the global context of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are maximizing their resources. This situation can be seen in the reduction of physical work areas such as offices, while favoring remote […]

From the C-suite to IT: Identifying anomalous behavior to stop digital adversaries in their tracks

Orion Cassetto, Director, Product Marketing, Exabeam, surveys the cybersecurity risk to different departments of a business. “The highest-ranking members of a company are often the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals,” he says. Departments within an organization may be easily distinguished by where they are situated in an office building (when we are allowed into our […]

Self-service, the customer experience and the CIO

As the number of technology solutions has increased, so too has the ability for organisations to provide truly positive customer experience journeys. Jonathan Tam, VP – Marketing, Liferay, explains how the customer experience has changed and why companies should consider self-service tools. Today’s CIOs have a tough job. They must manage the immediate need for […]

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