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Securing one of our most valued assets on Data Privacy Day

As the world becomes increasingly digitised, we must ensure our data is protected at all costs. Ahead of the annual Data Protection Day, a number of industry experts discuss the importance of protecting data and why organisations should embed this into their core values. Sean Carpenter, Senior Director, Product Management & Data Privacy at project44  “Supply chains […]

Data key to Chilean ministry’s accessibility project

An initiative of the Chilean Ministry of Sciences looks to solve problems by organizing sources and offering data, information and analysis on a website that is easily accessible for the citizen. Accessing the information generated by a country like Chile on the behaviour of the various entities that participate in processes related to scientific research, […]

The journey from tech side project to Return on Investment

With so many technology solutions on the market today, business leaders must decide where to invest their budgets to ensure they achieve Return on Investment. Dave Russell, Vice President of Enterprise Strategy at Veeam, talks us through some of the key aspects to consider when looking to establish more advanced business operations and ensure a […]

Predictive data vital for smart decision making

Ronald Rodríguez, Senior Software Engineer at Prodigious, a global production platform of the Publicis Groupe, explains that predictive models are based on the analysis of historical data to make predictions of behavior in the future. Within organizations, predictive analytics is used to support decision making.  More and more companies from different economic sectors deeply understand the need to […]

Fast innovation requires a positive DevOps culture not just tools

Sam Hunt, VP APAC at GitHub, outlines common areas for businesses to focus on if they are to get maximum value from their DevOps investments. Has there ever been a more contentious term in the history of software development than ‘DevOps’? It’s an accepted part of our industry’s vernacular, but wherever I go and whoever […]

Data center workers are among the superheroes of the pandemic

Francisco Sales, Director of LATAM Services at Vertiv, praises the contribution of ‘superheroes’ working in data centers to support vital critical business processes throughout the pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to operate remotely and customers to migrate to digital transactions and activities, from banking, shopping and education to healthcare, staff members in data […]

Security vs. complexity: The key battlefield in the hybrid cloud era

After the massive attack on SolarWinds that impacted companies around the world, a debate has emerged about cloud security, and whether the public cloud may be a more secure option than a hybrid cloud approach. Alvaro Santa Maria, IBM Security Director Latinoamérica, offers some guiding principles to consider to help design security for the hybrid […]

Taking advantage of the best cloud has to offer

André Andriolli, Senior Director, Solution Engineering, Office of the CTO, Latin America, VMware, tells us theuse of a multi-cloud strategy and a platform that unifies the administration is the best way to take advantage of all the possibilities of cloud computing. There has been a lot of talk about the cloud and all the benefits […]

How have cybercriminals changed behavior and have they become more dangerous?

Sophos, a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, has announced the findings of its global survey, The State of Ransomware 2021, which reveals that the average total cost of recovery from a ransomware attack has more than doubled in a year, increasing from US$761,106 in 2020 to US$1.85 million in 2021.The average ransom paid is US$170,404. […]

Digital and Agile Transformation: Differences and opportunities for generating value in routine

Sandra Maura, CEO of Topmind in Brazil, explains the difference between the methodologies used to make business simpler and smarter. All of these processes can generate better results for companies. When a company invests in a digitization project, generally one of the great advantages mentioned is agility. In fact, one of the practical gains from […]

Nutanix study shows global public sector ‘Cloud Smart’ strategies validated by COVID-19 response

Nutanix has announced the global public sector industry findings of its third annual Enterprise Cloud Index Report, measuring organizations’ plans for adopting private, hybrid and public clouds. The findings point to a concentrated modernization effort throughout the sector over the past few months, with 70% of respondents saying COVID-19 has caused IT to be viewed […]

5G and the challenges with rising energy costs

Pedro Al Shara, CEO of TS Shara Brazil, a national manufacturer of nobreaks and voltage stabilizers, explains how 5G will impact energy consumption. The industry has been talking a lot about the potential of 5G, especially after the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved the auction notice in late February. The IDC consultancy estimates that, […]

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