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Mashreq Bank, Bank Muscat select Oberthur Technologies for card solutions

Mashreq Bank, Bank Muscat select Oberthur Technologies for card solutions

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Oberthur Technologies, a global provider of embedded security products in the payment sector, has been selected by Mashreq Bank to deploy Instant Card Issuance in UAE. Mashreq Bank is one of the UAE’s leading financial institutions. Established in 1967 by the Al-Ghurair Group, it is the largest private sector bank in the UAE. With 50 years of experience in the UAE banking and financial services industry, Mashreq Bank is well established as a leading commercial and retail bank.

Oberthur Technologies has developed an innovative solution for banks to instantly issue cards. Using this service, the bank can instantly provide a card to its end-users. Customers can open an account and take away their fully personalised debit, credit cards immediately.

The solution provided to Mashreq Bank by Oberthur Technologies is currently deployed at 35 branches in both the UAE and Qatar, supporting issuance of over 40 Credit and Debit Card products. Oberthur Technologies has deployed its own personalisation system in Mashreq’s branches, allowing the bank to benefit from Oberthur Technologies’s expertise in EMV card personalisation.

Oberthur Technologies also manages bureau card personalisation for Mashreq, which means the chip profiles are only developed once, thus reducing cost and timelines for the bank in addition to making card stock management easier.

“We are very proud that Oberthur Technologies has been Mashreq’s preferred partner for EMV personalisation for over a decade. Mashreq is among only a handful of banks that provide innovative and convenient payment solutions to its customers”, said Muzaffar Khokhar, Regional President for Russia, Middle East and Africa at Oberthur Technologies.

“Mashreq is committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve customer experience and become a source of sustainable differentiation. Our partnership with Oberthur Technologies on the Instant Card Issuance solution across the UAE and Qatar, is one such example that allows any Mashreq customer to walk in to our branches and walk out with a Mashreq Credit or Debit Card in less than 30 minutes”, said Pankaj Kundra, Head of Payments and Personal Banking, Mashreq Bank.

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Oberthur Technologies also announced the launch of Smart InHouse in Muscat, a new solution based on Oberthur Technologies’s Common Personalisation System in partnership with Bank Muscat.

Card personalisation is one of the key areas of expertise of Oberthur Technologies, for which it has developed its Common Personalisation System, the first integrated personalisation system in the world. CPS is deployed in over 50 facilities globally. Thanks to its ease of integration within the banks’ operations, the system grants issuers and third parties with existing card personalisation facilities the capacity to enhance their internal systems to achieve EMV chip card personalisation.

Smart InHouse is a scalable solution fully managed by Oberthur Technologies which has already been successfully used to personalise more than 1 million cards in 2016 in the Middle East alone. Through this cutting-edge innovation, the partnership between Bank Muscat and Oberthur Technologies has already reached its full personalisation capacity with the issuance of more than 10,000 cards per day.

Smart Instant Issuance solution is primarily a hosted solution. Oberthur Technologies’s datacentres provide high-availability locations for Oberthur Technologies’s Solutions. The highly-secured centres leverage the Global Smart Center network and Oberthur Technologies’s CPS platform where high security personalization is performed daily. These sites are PCI DSS, Visa and MasterCard approved for both logical and physical security.

For in-branch personalisation, Oberthur Technologies is machine agnostic and supports machines of different sizes, with a different number of hoppers, as well as different functionalities such as card embossing, thermal-flat printing, rear indent and photo printing. These include Magtek, Matica, Evolis, CIM and Data Card.

Oberthur Technologies’s Smart InHouse solution enables a radical change in the payment industry, allowing a smooth migration of the technology of the cards issued, for instance from magstripe cards to EMV Chip and PIN protected cards, strengthening the security of the associated payment transactions.

“Bank Muscat is a long-standing value partner of Oberthur Technologies and we are very proud of our engagement with Bank Muscat to support its card issuance. Being at the forefront of innovation and security is of paramount importance for Oberthur Technologies. We already have the largest network of personalisation centers worldwide equipped with Oberthur Technologies’s Common Personalisation System to respond to the needs of all our customers.”

“With Smart InHouse, a very scalable solution, we go a step further. Indeed, with Smart InHouse, the Bank can have their EMV cards personalised within their premises, allowing them to improve their turn-around time and reduce their logistic constraints in a very scalable and flexible way,” said Muzaffar Khokhar, Regional President for Russia, Middle East and Africa at Oberthur Technologies.

Oberthur Technologies is strategically positioned in high growth markets and offers embedded security software solutions for end-point devices as well as associated remote management solutions to a portfolio of international clients, including banks and financial institutions, mobile operators, authorities and governments, as well as manufacturers of connected objects and equipment.

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