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Report: IBM Global Business Services ranked #1 by GCC

Report: IBM Global Business Services ranked #1 by GCC

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IBM Global Business Services also named as most recommended consulting organisation in the region

IBM have announced that its consulting organisation Global Business Services (GBS) was ranked first for mindshare and quality and also named the most recommended consulting organisation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in 2017.

This was based on findings in the ‘Perceptions of Consulting in the GCC in 2017’ report by Source Global Research, a leading research and strategy firm for the global management consulting industry.

The report assesses the reputation of consulting firms from a client stand point and reveals the top-ranked organisations in the region on four categories: mindshare, quality, value, and most recommended.

The 2017 report evaluates the perception of consulting firms in the GCC based on 600 survey responses and bases the ranking on four evaluation criteria: quality, value, recommendation, and attributes. The GCC consists of six Middle Eastern countries—Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman.

“As the number of consultancy firms continues to rise every day across the globe, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to keep their edge and continue to differentiate themselves from the rest,” says Alison Huntington, Head of Client and Brand Insights, Source Global Research.

“Despite such a challenge, IBM continues to remain at the top of clients’ minds in this region for its quality and the value it brings to the industry.”

“Today’s organisations are continuously trying to find ways to keep pace with business demands and asking how to succeed in the rapidly changing digital landscape,” says Amr Refaat, General Manager, IBM Middle East and Pakistan.

“This is where our consultants can answer their most pressing questions. IBM’s consulting leadership is the result of our investments and strategy to help resolve our customers’ most critical challenges, and our commitment to deliver innovation.”

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