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Veeam customer on achieving quicker, consistent and simpler backups

Veeam customer on achieving quicker, consistent and simpler backups

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How can CIOs challenged with maintaining aggressive service level agreements for response times to maintain availability ensure that employee downtime and data loss are minimised? One possibility is to implement Veeam Backup and Replication. This delivers availability for all virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads from a single management console. It also meets the backup demands for organisations of all sizes to reduce complexity and out-perform legacy backup. One company leveraging the solution is Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company, we spoke to Nawang Lepcha, Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company, Server Admin, to find out more.

Can I ask you what it is your company (Bahrain Commercial Facilities company) does?

What we do is we provide commercial facilities such as loans and credit cards. From the banking side we do almost everything apart from being a retail bank. We do everything else like loans, mortgages and insurance. We have real estate as well. We have got motor vehicles, we have got leasing. We are the second most used credit card in Bahrain. Hopefully by the end of this year we will be the first one.

What Veeam solution do you use?

From Veeam we use Back Up and Replication with Veeam One reporting.

What are the main benefits of the solution?

One of the major benefits of the solution that we have noticed since we changed over is the speed at which the backups are done, the consistency of the back-up which takes place and the simplicity of the usage.  In the short time we have been with Veeam we have been thoroughly impressed.

What impressed you most?

The thing that impressed us most apart from the application itself is the personal touch that comes from Veeam. With the previous vendor when we called people for support they did not engage with us and when they did it was remote.

Veeam came across and once we started doing a couple of sessions with them the application was already blowing my mind with the amount of features it had, the simplicity it was providing. On top of that the two gentlemen from Veeam were very helpful.

One of them guided me through using the solution. He said if you want to feel how it works then you need to see it from the beginning. That was a unique approach and it caught my attention. He helped me understand each and every aspect from day one.

This is the kind of support we were looking for and not getting previously. Once we got the system in place we were really impressed. Once we got Veeam into the environment within six months there was not one failed backup. My RPO has gone from seven hours to one hour. That is huge.

Our internal audit thought it was a mistake we had made. When they came down and we said this is correct they were a bit doubtful.

Was it mainly a lack of support with a previous vendor that necessitated your move to Veeam?

It was one of the major points but apart from that it was the complexity of the previous program we used – just to do different basic things you really needed to dig into the article. With Veeam it was very simple it was like plug and play. Everything is intuitive, everything is right there. That was something that was a huge decision changer.

Apart from back-up what do you use the system for? 

Apart from backup we are using it as a replication agent. It has really helped us with that. We are also planning to use Veeam for our migration to cloud.

With Bahrain AWS opening up, the government is encouraging companies to go towards AWS. For this our management wants everything moved to the cloud. Obviously, this won’t be possible for everything but they expect us to have a cloud strategy for the next three years. We were in the process of having a separate project to deal with this but once we took Veeam we realised we could use them to do this.

We found out that they had done everything for us and had already anticipated this. We had just mentioned it and they had kept it in mind. They try and tailor the whole solution towards you.

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