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Focus Softnet expert on the latest ERP developments

Focus Softnet expert on the latest ERP developments

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Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet, tells Intelligent CIO about the latest developments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and reveals what questions companies seeking to deploy ERP solutions need to ask.

Can you tell us about the latest developments in ERP solutions?

Most of the ERPs are gearing towards integrated Robotic Process Automation and AI features. Robotic Process Automation promises and also delivers huge efficiency and ROI factor to the ERP application especially on the most routine data entry jobs, which takes hundreds of manhours at almost 5% to 10% of the cost and works more efficiently than the most efficient users.

How do you cater for different verticals?

With common base modules like financials and supply chain management, vertical specific modules are developed, which sit on top of these modules and get integrated thereby removing the duplication of tasks and giving real-time analysis of various departments. With mobile apps, the vertical applications get more hands-on for all stakeholders including the customers and vendors.

When an enterprise is looking to deploy an ERP solution what are the factors they need to consider?

Earlier ERP deployments were considered very complex and a difficult job but of late the implementation has become much easier with ready-made templates catered to each vertical. Plus, online cloud accessibility ensures minimum problems with respect to infrastructural issues.

Nonetheless, it is imperative that the scope of ERP and the critical functions of the business are clearly laid out to avoid any issues at the last minute of go-live. It is also important to understand the features and functionalities available in the ERP that is being considered for deployment as not all ERPs have all the features even though basic modules are common across all ERPs.

What are the main benefits an enterprise should profit from following an ERP implementation?

Critical business decisions based on business intelligence gathered from an ERP system is a major benefit, which helps the organisation increase revenues and reduce cost. With proper ERP, the business should be able to know where the costs are higher and have margin for increasing efficiency and with proper forecasting and trend analysis revenues can be maximised.

Another important aspect is the optimum utilisation of the resources, thereby increasing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What questions should an enterprise looking to deploy an ERP system ask of vendors that supply such solutions?

More important than asking the vendor about the application, the enterprise should analyse the requirements internally and look for references within the industry as to which ERP application is used by them, for how long and with what level of satisfaction. Doing internal homework is more important than depending on the promises of the vendor on deliveries. One should also look at the brand and market reputation of the service provider.

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