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Taibah Valley and Tezos collaborate on Blockchain

Taibah Valley and Tezos collaborate on Blockchain

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Nisbah Capital, the Blockchain subsidiary of Saudi Arabia-based Taibah Valley, recently announced that it has joined the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker, the first in the Middle East region.

The company has added the Tezos Blockchain to its Blockchain lab projects as part of its initiative to create the biggest Blockchain community in the MENA region.

Raghad Abdulghani, Technical Specialist, Taibah Valley, said: “By becoming a Tezos baker, we see an opportunity to spread the knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how they work and to attract different companies to recognise the potential in the MENA region. In addition, we believe that baking will help build the future of the Tezos Blockchain in the region.”

Tezos Gulf’s Waleed Rassuli added that: “This collaboration with Taibah Valley will be a major driver to stimulate the adoption of decentralised Blockchain technologies in the Middle East. Given the increasing number of corporate bakers in the Tezos ecosystem, we think that having one in the Middle East will give local Blockchain projects in this region a boost.”

Taibah Valley was established by 2008 with the mission of investing and supporting projects with real economic value and positive impact for Saudi Arabia and the MEA region. Its areas of focus are Blockchain, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

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