GPSSA innovates with pioneering virtual customer centric experience

GPSSA innovates with pioneering virtual customer centric experience

The General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) in the UAE has unveiled a glimpse into the future of three trailblazing world-class digital projects set to provide proactive and innovative solutions that meet a variety of the critical needs of its customers.

Mohammed Al Khayat, Executive Director of Digital IT at GPSSA

As part of its on-going commitment to Digital Transformation, the General Pension and Social Security Authority (GPSSA) in the UAE has announced three trailblazing digital projects, including its pioneering digital platform, its Metaverse Virtual Experience and a state-of-the-art interactive dashboard, that are set to deliver an efficient experience for its varied stakeholders in the future.

The GPSSA is committed to the rapid development of digital government solutions that introduce new initiatives in the field of e-government services and to showcase its efforts in upgrading its digital services while providing proactive and innovative solutions that meet a variety of needs of its customers.

For instance, its digital platform for pensioners and beneficiaries places an emphasis on self-service completion of requests, as part of GPSSA’s quest to offer a new era of developed services and technology.

The platform is part of the GPSSA’s Digital Transformation project that aims to achieve a qualitative leap in managing the authority’s operations. It allows pensioners, beneficiaries, employers and insured individuals to create their own accounts and complete their desired services. They will be able to manage all the operations related to contributions and access certificates and monthly statements including due amounts and expected end-of-service gratuity, amongst other services.

Through this platform, employers can obtain a full summary of their employee’s data, some of which includes monthly contributions, due amounts and applicable penalties or deductions if there are any. This facilitates the procedures related to paying contributions and settling dues, while providing access to transaction details such as receipts, payment methods and service status, by which users will receive notifications.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

The projects reflect the GPSSA’s dedication to providing user-friendly access to its services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Its interactive platform allows users to enter a virtual session and undergo a live chat discussion with a customer happiness agent at the GPSSA Metaverse Customer Happiness Virtual Centre, where they will be able to take part in requesting a service within virtual Reality, enjoying real-time service in the Metaverse.

We asked Mohammed Al Khayat, Executive Director of Digital IT at GPSSA, further questions to find out more.

Why is it so important for the GPSSA to adopt the latest technology?

Technology is rapidly transforming the way we manage, deliver and operate our services. As per the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025 it is extremely important that our customers engage with their pension plans through a world-class integrated, easy and fast digital infrastructure, one that offers increased accessibility of pension services and is designed and updated based on user needs.

How has the latest technology helped the GPSSA achieve a leap in managing IT operations efficiently?

In the past, GPSSA analysed and reported the performance of its operations in Excel spreadsheets, which were frequently customised by business controllers and accounting staff. The process was time-consuming and cumbersome due to the limited drill-down possibilities in Excel. With an enterprise performance management software in place, planning, budgeting and forecasting across finance, sales, human resources, procurement and other departments has become streamlined.

It is now possible to integrate financial planning and analysis with operational plans and reporting to optimise processes, boost data quality and slash planning cycles.

By streamlining the processes of planning, budgeting and reporting, the financial controllers at the GPSSA can now prepare their monthly reports faster and with less effort than before. As a result, more time can be spent on analysis and high-value work.

Can you explain how the GPSSA is providing innovative services using Metaverse technology?

GPSSA continuously looks into providing innovative user-friendly access to its stakeholders, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. During GITEX 2022, visitors were able to take part in requesting a service within Virtual Reality using the Metaverse technology. They managed to experience a real-time virtual customer-centric experience.

We will continue to seek cutting edge technology that engages all types of age groups in order to communicate latest updates as per the UAE pension law and ensure information is continuously prevalent among insured individuals, pensioners and beneficiaries alike.

Can you describe the benefits offered by the interactive dashboard created by the GPSSA? How does this help users?

The interactive dashboard provides a detailed customer database, which supports in managing the operations of pension services while providing customers with detailed data such as age, profession and social status, among others, thus encouraging transparency and earning a customer’s trust, while providing them with information that will help engage them in a sustainable and secure pension system.

How has the GPSSA succeeded in developing an accurate customer database and what advantages has this created?

To ensure data credibility, GPSSA implemented the golden record project, whereby all the data in every system of record (SOR) was accurately recorded, thereby ensuring the customer database was continuously updated from the moment he/she was born up until their demise, recording every single event, milestone, phase and growth in their lifespan (i.e. birth, graduation, employment, marriage, children, divorce, employment, change in employment and retirement).

Can you describe the benefits of being able to detect patterns in customer data?

Being aware of key moments in a customer’s lifespan plays a huge role in studying human behaviour, thus understanding the different lifestyles and spending as well as saving patterns, to help cater to requirements, needs and trends. By understanding our stakeholders’ preferences, we can identify the exact types of services needed and knowledge required.


Digital Platform for Pensioners

Mohammed Al Khayat, Executive Director of Digital IT at GPSSA, said that the Digital Platform comes as part of the UAE Pension Authority’s Digital Transformation journey to achieve a qualitative leap in managing operations efficiently and adopting the latest technology.

Metaverse Virtual Experience

The GPSSA will provide services through the virtual environment supported by Metaverse technology. This innovation provides essential knowledge where customers can access a service through GPSSA’s Virtual Customer Happiness Centre. Through this project, the authority seeks to present a unique experience in providing innovative services using Metaverse technology.

Interactive Dashboard

The GPSSA’s interactive dashboard reflects its success in developing an accurate customer database, which in turn supports the process of introducing a digital platform for beneficiaries.

The dashboard provides detailed data about customers such as age, profession and social status, among others. The technology utilised in the dashboard supports in detecting patterns to analyse customer data and allows the GPSSA to be future-ready by building a leading and sustainable pension system according to highest international standards.

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