Index reveals strong Digital Transformation efforts by GCC countries

Index reveals strong Digital Transformation efforts by GCC countries

The latest GCC E-Performance Index 2022 reveals that all countries from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region have performed exceptionally well on five major global indicators, displaying significant progress in Digital Transformation. 

GCC E-Performance Index 2022

The report was issued by Orient Planet Research (OPR), an independent unit of Orient Planet Group (OPG), in collaboration with information and communications technology (ICT) expert and independent researcher Abdul Kader Al Kamli.

The UAE achieved tangible growth in the GCC E-Performance Index with an average score of 66.22, followed by Saudi Arabia with an average rating of 59.26 and Qatar with 57.63. Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait scored average ratings of 54.02, 53.43 and 51.36 respectively. 

The report highlights the increased spending on the latest technological solutions to achieve digitally inclusive economies. According to a recent report, UAE’s ICT spending is estimated to reach US$23 billion by 2024, while Qatar’s spending will be around US$9 billion and Kuwait’s spending is predicted to reach US$10.1 billion by 2024.

Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director, Orient Planet Group

The GCC countries have increasingly focused on the roles of science and technology in building research development and innovation (RDI) capacity to create national innovation systems (NIS). The World Economic Forum highlighted the unique set of characteristics of the GCC countries that presents numerous opportunities in leveraging emerging technological solutions to create opportunities. 

The introduction of 5G and associated use cases, such as education, health, government and Smart Cities, can help mitigate some regional and local challenges, including natural resource management and economic diversification with a view towards sustainable development and inclusive growth. 

Nidal Abou Zaki, Managing Director, Orient Planet Group, said: “The GCC countries have taken major strides for an overall Digital Transformation. The GCC E-Performance Index 2022, highlights the preparedness of the GCC nations to strengthen their global position in the evolving digital world. The countries have expanded their digital sectors in the last decade, investing in digital infrastructure, adopting e-government platforms and launching technology parks and business incubators.”

Abdul Kader Al Kamli, ICT expert and independent researcher

Abdul Kader Al Kamli, ICT expert and independent researcher, added: “The GCC E-Performance Index reveals the strong position of GCC countries in five top global indexes, with the UAE leading the region. The GCC countries have been at the forefront of Digital Transformation efforts, and its efficient strategies will reinforce the nation’s global position in the sector. There have been tremendous developments in digital innovations in the region and we can expect an upward trajectory in terms of digital innovation.”

The research team for GCC E-Performance Index calculated the average of each GCC country per indicator based on a unified scale of 0 to 100, keeping in mind that all indicators do not utilise the same scale. The scores were adjusted according to the calculated average, starting from the highest value.

The GCC E-Performance Index evaluates GCC member countries on several different parameters indicative of growth, which are based on their performance in major global indices. The index highlights the increasing investment by the GCC countries in the integration of the latest technological solutions across various sectors including healthcare, technology, food services, aviation and education.

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