Get to know: Muhammed Mokhtar at Software AG

Get to know: Muhammed Mokhtar at Software AG

Muhammed Mokhtar, Regional Chief Architect, Middle East and Türkiye, Software AG

Describe your current job role and business model?

Software AG fosters connected enterprises that can create a fluid flow of data between people, departments, systems, and devices to take the right actions at the right time using a subscription model. Mokhtar is responsible for active involvement in strategic opportunities across the territory to provide architectural excellence. He mentors and guides the pre-sales teams, supporting local solutions managers. He builds architectural assets, competitive positionings, and collaborates with hyperscalers and GSIs. He advises customers, partners on their end-to-end landscapes of heterogeneous technologies.

What are the strengths you bring to this role?

Technical and consultative selling over almost two decades, with architecture excellence, are considered his focus areas. Getting introduced and enabled in emerging technologies ignites his motivation and interest. He tends to challenge the status quo and always seek holistic knowledge and coverage to maximise benefit for customers, partners, and Software AG, no less. He stands by giveback, mentoring and coaching fellow colleagues in the organisation.

Please describe expectations and pain points of customers?

Each industry has its own evolving challenges and emerging trends. In manufacturing, the key challenges are to mitigate inflation and reduce disruption, building a resilient supply chain and sustainability. The enterprise market presents a major business opportunity in industrial networks and B2B2X service offerings, accessible to communication service providers.

Which technologies can make a difference to customers?

A unified platform for API management, data, application integration and microservices, creating omnichannel experiences, accelerating cloud innovation, improving business efficiency, new lines of revenue for customers.

How can a channel partner disrupt the regional market?

Partners can build and market solutions that leverage software for IoT and analytics, APIs, integration and microservices, and IT and business process transformation.

Which non-competitive business do you admire?

Mokhtar is intrigued with almost everything related to IT. Innovations in payment, he believes bears a huge impact on people’s lives.

Which aspects of your job role are rewarding, which challenging?

The cost of staying valuable and relevant is to keep on continuously learning to remain on top of new trends and the competitive landscape in our market across industries.

How do you like to de-stress off work?

Mokhtar recharges by engaging in any sort of activity, keeping his busy mind at bay. Going to the movies, watching TV shows, spending time with family, and writing a personal blog are some of his safe havens!

Metaverse is by itself a time-off medium, especially for gaming, and networking. Stuff like at-home workouts would have different returns, especially by having a personal trainer easily. Watching movies would get a huge pump with immersive experiences.

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