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Utilising a ‘platform over product’ approach for business benefits

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world of work, rapidly accelerating Digital Transformation strategies and placing additional pressure on CIOs. Glyn Yates, Country Manager, IMEA region, Matrix42, tells us how CIOs can look to adopt a platform over product approach to achieve cost efficiencies and enhanced productivity. For context, tell us how the world of […]

“The time is now for outsourced security services” – ThreatQuotient expert

Matt McCormick, SVP Business and Corporate Development, ThreatQuotient, tells us why organisations should now consider managed security services to help address their security needs. For years we’ve been talking about the skills shortage that plagues the cybersecurity industry and which some reports now peg at three million and growing. Organisations lack trained, experienced resources in […]

Working from Home: Temporary measure or new norm?

Shukri Eid, Managing Director, Cisco Gulf Region, discusses remote working and why it has proven its capabilities in delivering benefits related to virtualising unique skills. Around the world, businesses have had to adapt rapidly to the reality of having most of their employees working remotely. Although some countries are gradually returning to work, the on-going […]

No more hard sell: IT needs to be a gentler business

In the time of pandemic, vendors need to show their human side and empathise with customers. Andrew Brinded, Vice President and Sales Chief Operating Officer, Nutanix explains Intelligence CIO why this is important.

Rethinking managed services for the ‘new normal’

Even though corporate interest in IT managed services has always been strong, the global pandemic of the past several months is resulting in a market shift where the outsourcing of certain computing and IT-related processes will become more integral to the success of a business in a digitally-focused environment. Andreas Bartsch, Head, Service Delivery at PBT Group, shares his views.

Five-year forecast: Huawei predicts 10 trends shaping data centre facilities

Yang Bifei, Data Centre Facility Product and Solution Planning Director at Huawei, gives us the lowdown on data centre facilities five years from now as we explore the 2025 Huawei trend forecast. From 2010 to 2019, the data centre industry experienced exponential growth. The move towards hybrid IT continues as the balance between on-prem facilities, […]

Huawei expert on digitalising site energy for green connectivity and computing

Peng Jianhua, President of Huawei Telecom Energy, tells us how the company is working closely with the telecommunications industry to explore and drive the development of 5G based on the concept of simple, smart and green. 5G Power helps customers to rapidly deploy 5G and reconstruct sites so that they’re fully intelligent for optimal TCO. […]

The light at the end of the tunnel: Business resilience post COVID-19

Working from home has resulted in cybersecurity challenges. Johan Pellicaan, Vice President and Managing Director at Scale Computing EMEA, explains what companies can do to face these challenges. COVID-19 has undoubtedly acted as a monumental turning point for organisations globally. Pressured to respond at speed to government-imposed lockdowns, businesses rushed to deploy remote working models […]

The ‘New Tomorrow’: How organisations can future-proof their infrastructure

The world of work looks very different now to how it did at the start of the year. In just a few short months, organisations have been forced to completely re-think their workplaces and CIOs have been under huge pressure to ensure their infrastructure is secure and able to cope with the added strain. Vijay […]

Matrix42 expert on how organisations can control the cost of cloud

Many modern organisations have adopted a ‘cloud-first’ strategy due to its multiple benefits. But it’s important they carefully plan their journey as additional costs can easily be incurred if left unchecked. Glyn Yates, Regional Lead, IMEA, Matrix42, tells us what organisations should look for in an expense management solution. What are the benefits of a […]

Subex expert on the cyberthreats facing manufacturers

Attacks on manufacturing organisations can be particularly disruptive and, with the ongoing convergence of IT and OT systems, it’s critical that CIOs take steps to secure their critical infrastructure. Vinod Kumar, CEO, Subex, tells us about the challenges facing manufacturing firms and how they can get ahead of attackers. Can you tell us about some […]

Micro Focus expert on enabling a ‘smart’ Digital Transformation

Organisations across the region have been required to utilise digital tools to help them adapt to the new environment created by COVID-19. Anas Jwaied, Managing Director – Middle East and Africa, Micro Focus, tells us why organisations should look to adopt a ‘smart’ Digital Transformation strategy for business benefits. How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted […]