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Roosevelt Island turns to Micro Focus

Roosevelt Island turns to Micro Focus

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Roosevelt Island turns to Micro Focus

When Roosevelt Island needed IT system solutions, it turned to Micro Focus for its messaging security and archiving needs.


Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in the East River between Manhattan and Queens and is part of the borough of Manhattan. It is a mixed-use residential community with over 12,000 residents, managed under the auspices of the State of New York as the The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). As such, it has an IT system linked with both the state and the city. Safe and secure messaging for all of its systems, including hardware, software, and mobile devices is essential for the proper functioning of this company.


When the soon-to-be IT director came to Roosevelt Island, she brought with her an extensive amount of archiving experience from across a number of state agencies. When she arrived, she needed to make certain that RIOC had general archiving, as well as selective archiving capabilities. She knew Retain Unified Archiving was the answer.


To confirm that this company’s complex systems were finely tuned, the company engaged Micro Focus Professional Services. This team of application experts from Micro Focus knows the products inside and out. Professional Services is staffed by in-house experts on messaging, archiving, and security solutions. They made sure that system configurations and security were maximised to optimum performance.

When RIOC considered a move to Exchange, specifically Office 365, it was pleased to know that Micro Focus would support the transition seamlessly. RIOC had a high level of satisfaction knowing that Retain Unified Archiving could do what competitors could not.


Today, RIOC continues to remain confident and secure, because it is compliant with regulations and industry requirements thanks to its implementation of Retain Unified Archiving from Micro Focus.
Retain Unified Archiving archives all electronic communications, including email and social media, in addition to BlackBerry and Android mobile communications. All messages are securely stored in a single, unified Retain Mobile data archive, and all of the data can be easily accessed through Retain’s Web Access archive viewer, giving you a fully compliant, searchable, and discoverable archive.

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