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Reflections of a new CISO: Five lessons learned

What’s it like to be a new CISO? What challenges await you? How might you address them? Lenny Zeltser shares the lessons he learned after becoming the CISO of a fast-growing cybersecurity company. He’s been discussing his journey in articles and talks, so that others can learn from his experience. Speaker Bio Lenny Zeltser has […]

Tackling the plastic packaging problem – sustainable impact – HP

Packaging comprises a significant portion of total waste produced and can affect the health of our planet and people. That’s why HP is committed to eliminating 75% of single-use plastic packaging by 2025, compared to 2018.

We’re all in it… All together now

Just because we can’t be together in person, doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected. In this ‘new normal’, we are all finding new ways to connect with each other and we will come out more resilient than ever, says Nutanix.

Appian: Safely manage risk

Appian says it is time to safely manage risk for your returning work force. Visit here for more details.

Cisco solutions make for a capable workforce

Discover how Cisco’s solutions help make your workforce more capable than ever. Solve problems in new ways, share information in real-time and connect via remote devices securely.

Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence and APT Reports

With the ever increasing complexity and variety of targeted attacks, many businesses are turning to continuous monitoring and network visibility as a key part of their cybersecurity. However, while this is a good step, it can lead to too many alerts and reports which can lead to poor prioritisation. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence cuts through this […]

Seven ways cyber criminals steal your passwords

One way or another, passwords are always in the news. They’re either being stolen in data breaches, or mocked for being too simple; derided as pointless, or lamented for being technologically backward. However, one thing is indisputable: we’re going to be using them today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. Unlike touch or facial recognition […]

Making security a strategic imperative for manufacturing

As manufacturers look to modernise their plants and transform, new avenues for cyberattacks have opened, making security a top priority. Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have enhanced traditional building automation and management systems. The growing connectivity of devices and automated systems improving building and facility operations have made it essential to have a long-term strategy […]

FireEye expert on cloud security misconceptions

FireEye Cloud CTO, Martin Holste discusses some misconceptions around security in the cloud.