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Norton Healthcare achieves HIPAA compliance and scales telehealth offerings with BeyondTrust

Norton Healthcare achieves HIPAA compliance and scales telehealth offerings with BeyondTrust

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Norton Healthcare achieves HIPAA compliance and scales telehealth offerings with BeyondTrust

Company Snapshot

Norton Healthcare is a leader in serving adult and pediatric patients throughout Greater Louisville, Southern Indiana, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and beyond. The hospital and health care system is Louisville’s fourth largest employer, and provides care at more than 250 locations throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. The Louisville-based not-for-profit system includes five Louisville hospitals with 1,837 licensed beds, 7 outpatient centres, 14 Norton Immediate Care Centres, more than 14,600 employees, nearly 1,000 employed medical providers, and approximately 2,000 total physicians on its medical staff. Mitch Bryant is the Information Services Production Support Manager and is responsible for managing the Service Centre, including ITIL and ITSM tools.

Why BeyondTrust?

Norton Healthcare has been using BeyondTrust Remote Support for more than 12 years. In his search to find the right remote support tool, Mitch looked to lower costs for his support centre through concurrent licensing, increased first-call resolution, lower incident handling times, decreased call escalations, and reduced on-site visits. His team also needed a secure solution that enabled them to meet HIPAA compliance standards, including data encryption and session recording. Today, Norton Healthcare also particularly appreciates the following BeyondTrust solution features:

• Mobile Device Support: The demand for mHealth and telehealth services has increased exponentially. With the number of mobile devices used among its workforce continually increasing as well, the team relies on BeyondTrust to help support all these endpoints.

• Data Encryption & Session Recording: BeyondTrust automatically records all session activity, and all session data is encrypted to ensure that they stay HIPAA compliant.

Security & Productivity

Success with BeyondTrust According to Mitch, BeyondTrust Remote Support is the most cost-effective solution the Norton Healthcare support organisation has found for increasing customer satisfaction, reducing disruptions in productivity, and meeting HIPAA compliance regulations. With the BeyondTrust solution, Norton Healthcare:

• Reduced incident handling times by 30-60%

• Increased first-call resolution by 55%

• Decreased on-site visits for remote offices by 90%

How Norton Healthcare Adapted IT Support & Expanded Telehealth

During the COVID-19 Pandemic As a consequence of COVID-19, Norton Healthcare has had to support an exploding number of remote workers. And with many employees using personal devices, Bryant’s team needed to ensure that remote support and remote sign-in services were able to support BYOD in a secure fashion. “We went from roughly 30 providers that could provide telehealth services to 1,800 in a matter of a few weeks. We were not used to supporting thousands of new telehealth visits, but BeyondTrust helped us keep up with the sudden increase in demand to support these services. Having a tool that is easy-to-use for our physicians and clinical staff is extremely important, and BeyondTrust provides just that,” Bryant said.

Looking Ahead

 Mitch’s team is preparing their BeyondTrust tool to support considerably more mobile devices than ever before. They are also looking at migrating their BeyondTrust instance to the Cloud to reap further flexibility and scalability benefits. “I’ve seen a lot of solutions, but the team and product at BeyondTrust are truly best of breed. The one thing that helps BeyondTrust stand out is not just the technician side of things, but more importantly, the customer side of the support process. It’s so important to have something that is easy for the customers to use, and BeyondTrust accomplishes that for us.”

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