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VMware Cloud on AWS delivers on customer requirements

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers on customer requirements

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VMware Cloud on AWS delivers on customer requirements for agility and Business Continuity

VMware has announced new capabilities designed to further improve the economic value of VMware Cloud on AWS while meeting an evolving set of requirements for application modernization, Business Continuity and resiliency and cloud migration. These new offerings include the new Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) i3en instances that can deliver nearly 50% lower cost per GB of raw storage, a 2-host SDDC configuration that lowers the entry price for production environments by 33% and a new multi-tenant cloud management service that enables partners to support 5-10x more customers with no additional upfront costs, while enabling smaller organizations to purchase VMware Cloud on AWS on a per VM rather than per host basis.

VMware Cloud on AWS is a jointly engineered service that brings VMware Cloud Foundation to Amazon Web Services (AWS), with optimized access to AWS services. The service offers ultra-fast cloud migration, powered by VMware HCX and vMotion, combined with consistent hybrid cloud infrastructure and operations. Once applications are migrated, customers can run, manage and modernize these applications with the VMware Tanzu portfolio as well as integrate native AWS services. As of June 2020, total VMs are up 3.5x and total number of hosts up 2.5x year over year. More than 500 channel partners have achieved a VMware Cloud on AWS service competency, including 43 with a Master Services Competency, and there are more than 300 certified or validated technology solutions available to VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

“VMware Cloud on AWS unlocks the power of cloud, enabling customers to rapidly migrate apps, scale resources up or down based on demand, deliver resources for new remote work initiatives and drive app modernization strategies,” said Mark Lohmeyer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Services Business Unit, VMware. “Along with AWS, VMware’s preferred public cloud partner for vSphere-based workloads, we are accelerating service innovation and broadening access to VMware Cloud on AWS to help more businesses support the demands of a broad range of enterprise applications and use cases, while delivering the best economic value.”

“Customers want cloud services that are available anywhere they operate in the world, can deliver real business value and financial savings, support their needs instantly as priorities change,” said David Brown, Vice President, EC2, Amazon Web Services. “We are delighted to be working with VMware to allow customers to build and operate applications in AWS Regions, using the same foundation they use in their data centers today, which is why VMware Cloud on AWS is our preferred service for all vSphere-based workloads.”

VMware Cloud on AWS delivers new innovations, better cloud economics

VMware continues to deliver key capabilities that enable customers to accelerate their migration and modernization journey and further support business resiliency with VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware announces the following enhancements that will help customers migrate and modernize applications while driving better cloud economics from VMware Cloud on AWS.

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