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ServiceNow partners with Cisco to enhance contact tracing capabilities

ServiceNow partners with Cisco to enhance contact tracing capabilities

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ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, has announced a new integration with Cisco DNA Spaces to enhance contact tracing with its Wi-Fienabled Proximity Reporting app.  

This integration will help businesses returning employees to the workplace by monitoring their workspaces closely for physical distancing. The company also added new capabilities to its ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite, making travel for business safer and more manageable. 

The integration with Cisco DNA Spaces will allow joint customers of ServiceNow and Cisco to seamlessly import locationbased data into the ServiceNow Contact Tracing app and identify potential interactions with an affected employee.  

Proximity Reporting from Cisco DNA Spaces allows customers to better understand the extent of each interaction and potential exposure to floors and buildings across the workplace. This is based on employees’ Wi-Fi network connections to laptops or mobile devices, so case managers can take immediate and informed actions.  

The new integrated solution will help to reduce workplace transmission of infectious diseases, like COVID-19, by identifying onsite employees who might have been in contact with an affected employee. 

“We are committed to innovating and expanding the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite to help businesses manage the new and complex workflows required to help keep employees healthy and workplaces safe,” said Blake McConnell, Senior Vice President of Employee Workflow Products at ServiceNow.  

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