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Marketing agency improves performance with Mavenlink resource management solution

Marketing agency improves performance with Mavenlink resource management solution

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When Huge, a digital marketing agency based in New York, needed a modern resource management solution that could eliminate the shortcomings of its legacy systems it turned to Mavenlink to enable accurate reporting, provide improved visibility into utilization and standardize the business processes used across its many offices.

Huge is a digital marketing agency that provides strategy, marketing, design and technology services to Fortune 100 companies. It designs best-in-class experiences rooted in the technology, data and organizational strategy required for operational excellence.

Mimi Moore, Vice President of Resource Management, Huge

Huge works in close collaboration with clients, helping them to solve their biggest problems with a user-centric, data-driven approach that focuses on creating a seamless experience across all digital, physical and communication touchpoints. The unified brand experiences created by Huge result in consistent, impactful and valuable user relationships for clients.

Moving past manual processes
Huge’s consulting team works closely with clients to operationalize Digital Transformation, including setting up appropriate technologies, processes and capabilities required to reach success. Their previous system helped support Huge in its early stages as a small organization, but as Huge grew across multiple disciplines, multiple offices and different currencies, it could not keep up.

The limitations of the legacy system prevented efficiencies across a wide variety of business processes, including reporting and utilization.
“We were always running data because it was continually becoming stale,” said Kelly Gaida, MD, Global Controller and Planning at Huge. “It was a full-time manual job instead of being done by our system that should run it for us. The controls in place for managing and analyzing data were not as robust.

“We love the custom-built reports and revenue forecasting with Mavenlink.” Huge needed a new system to support its continued growth and overcome critical business issues including:

Ineffective offline reporting
Huge needed to import raw data from its old systems into spreadsheets and then manually manipulate it in order to perform the analysis the company needed. As a result, data analysis took enormous effort and was time-consuming, causing delays and taking time away from other critical tasks needed to run the business.

Inaccurate financial insights
The team at Huge needed to deal with multiple disciplines, offices and currencies when managing finances. However, its legacy systems were creating redundancies, discrepancies between allocations and billable time, as well as lengthy processes required to crunch numbers and approve timesheets.

Creating insights for better business processes
In order to support continued growth, Huge needed a modern resource management solution that could eliminate the complications and limitations that were becoming increasingly prevalent within legacy systems. After considering several different options, Huge chose Mavenlink based on its ability to enable timely and accurate reporting, provide improved visibility into utilization and standardize the business processes used across its many offices. Huge needed its resource management solution to provide support in a variety of ways, including:

Accurate data
Huge needed near real-time data to make informed business decisions, instead of depending on manual data manipulation that created inconsistencies within the organization.

Standardized processes
By consolidating processes within Mavenlink, Huge was able to standardize business processes and become more efficient, which played a critical role in growing and scaling.

Global visibility
Huge operates across multiple time zones and offices, which means it needed clear business processes and an audit trail to better understand project progress and history around the world.

Resource insights
Co-ordinating an ever-growing workforce led to Huge needing a variety of tools at its disposal, including margin reports, burn rates, resource allocations, a skillset database and more. “Mavenlink has increased visibility across our global organization,” said Gaida. “Today, Huge is spending less time compiling data and instead is able to analyze the data in a standardized way to enhance strategy and utilization intel to be a more efficient company.”

Faster access to data
Mavenlink has helped Huge decrease the amount of work needed to compile data and helped standardize the reporting generated in a timely fashion. As a result, Huge is now better equipped with insights needed to assist in making business decisions.

User-friendly time reporting
Huge employees are now able to track and co-ordinate their time in a simpler manner, leading to a more efficient time reporting system.
“The timesheet screen is easy to read and easy to use for the average employee,” said Gaida. “It was a nice step forward for us from a user perspective. Our teams are now finding it much easier to complete timesheets.”

Improved process consistency
Using Mavenlink for resource and project management has helped Huge create consistency in its processes, governance and reporting. By integrating Salesforce and Mavenlink, the organization has increased visibility and co-ordination across teams, with employees, team leaders, project managers and finance managers all using Mavenlink.
Mimi Moore, Vice President of Resource Management, Huge, said: The connection between Salesforce and Mavenlink has made a major impact on how we run our business.”

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