Thomson Reuters utilizes AWS to power Digital Transformation

Thomson Reuters utilizes AWS to power Digital Transformation

Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of business information services based in Toronto, Canada, is utilizing AWS to drive large-scale migration to cloud, driving innovation and adopting Machine Learning across its business.

Thomson Reuters, a leading global provider of business information services, has successfully completed a large-scale migration to AWS – a critical part of its Digital Transformation strategy.

This will enable the company to innovate faster, develop and act on new insights, and become a more agile business in the cloud.

As part of its on-going move to the cloud, Thomson Reuters migrated thousands of servers and hundreds of revenue-generating applications to AWS. Expanding its longstanding relationship with AWS, Thomson Reuters is also leveraging AWS’s unparalleled portfolio of cloud services including analytics, database, containers, serverless, storage, Machine Learning and security to innovate new digital products for its customers and reveal greater insights into the industries it covers.

Thomson Reuters provides highly specialized information-enabled software and tools for legal, tax, accounting and compliance professionals, combined with Reuters, the world’s global news service.

Across these sectors, its products and tools help professionals better understand their industries, streamline operations, increase efficiencies and mitigate risk. In 2018, Thomson Reuters partnered with AWS Professional Services, AWS Managed Services (where AWS operates infrastructure on a customer’s behalf), and AWS Certified third-party experts from multiple consulting partners which provided hands-on expertise, day-to-day infrastructure management and cost optimization.

The decision to use these AWS resources enabled Thomson Reuters to complete this migration project five months ahead of schedule. By leveraging AWS Managed Services, Thomson Reuters moved hundreds of mission-critical, legacy applications from across their global business units to the cloud and into production quickly.

To further streamline this migration, Thomson Reuters leveraged the AWS Marketplace to access simplified software contracting services to rapidly procure and integrate their preferred third-party software into their AWS environment.

Additionally, Thomson Reuters has developed an internal platform to apply Machine Learning at scale using Amazon SageMaker – AWS’s service for building, training and deploying Machine Learning models in the cloud and on the Edge – to help developers and data scientists quickly gain new insights from real-time and historical data in a fully managed and secure environment.

The platform saves developers and data scientists countless hours of coding by providing all of the components used for Machine Learning in a single toolset so models get to production faster with much less effort and at a lower cost, enabling Thomson Reuters to deliver new, intelligent solutions for their customers.

Thomson Reuters uses Amazon SageMaker to automatically shut down GPU instances when a training job is done and leverages Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Spot Instances – unused EC2 capacity that is available at up to a 90% discount compared to On-Demand prices – to reduce the cost of Machine Learning model inference.

“Thomson Reuters provides the intelligence, technology and expertise that our customers need to solve their toughest regulatory, legal and compliance challenges,” said Justin Wright, Vice President of Architecture and Development, Thomson Reuters.

“We’re leveraging AWS’s comprehensive set of cloud services to develop insightful new products and services that will help our customers reinvent the way they work and operate effectively in complex arenas. AWS is a trusted resource for us – especially AWS Managed Services and AWS Professional Services – providing the expertise to accelerate our move to cloud and helped migrate data centers ahead of schedule.”

Greg Pearson, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at Amazon Web Services, said: “Thomson Reuters is using the cloud to put accurate data and information into the hands of professionals across the legal, tax and accounting, and news industries to make important and timely decisions.

“By leveraging AWS’s depth and breadth of services with the expertise of AWS Managed Services, Thomson Reuters is able to eliminate the heavy lifting of managing infrastructure operations and focus on innovating new ways to deliver in-depth information and digital solutions to deliver new and timely insights to customers around the world.”

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