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Illumio expert outlines cybersecurity priorities for Biden administration

Illumio expert outlines cybersecurity priorities for Biden administration

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A cybersecurity expert from Illumio has outlined what the Biden administration should focus on to protect the country’s safety.

Andrew Rubin, CEO and Co-founder at Illumio, said:  “The first days of 2021 have been marked by tumultuous events that have diverted attention and resources from what should be a safe and streamlined transfer of power.

“On top of that, the U.S. is dealing with the SolarWinds breach, which is perhaps the largest and most catastrophic single breach event our country has ever seen.

“Together, this has created a perfect storm for cyberattacks and left the United States with a heightened level of cyber-risk, which threatens the safety and security of the country as a whole.” 

He added that with the modern cybersecurity landscape it is becoming increasingly evident that relying on threat detection alone is insufficient.  

“We need a more robust multi-pronged strategy to mitigate future attacks that couples prevention and monitoring with an effective perimeter protection strategy for all critical entities,” he said.

“Security is about managing risk – you need to consider both your posture and the attacker’s posture. Given the current situation and vulnerabilities, the U.S. should assume that bad actors are already in their environment.

“To keep people and information safe, the government should prioritize measures, like establishing deeper layers of security, that can mitigate the impact and spread of a breach.”

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