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Hitachi Consulting protects global remote workforce with SentinelOne

Hitachi Consulting protects global remote workforce with SentinelOne

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Hitachi Consulting’s deployment of SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform has brought it unified detection, prevention and response capabilities within a single, purpose-built agent.

With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and over 6,500 users around the world, providing the best available protection against malicious attacks is a priority for Hitachi Consulting.

Recently merged with Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi Consulting is the digital solutions and professional services organization supporting the initiatives of Hitachi Ltd, a global technology and social innovation leader.

Acting as a catalyst for change, Hitachi Consulting helps organizations accelerate Digital Transformation and maximize operational efficiency to deliver measurable, sustainable business results. Leveraging data as a strategic asset, Hitachi Consulting helps clients to innovate at speed, disrupt markets and develop new revenue streams.

Working closely with customers and partners to generate greater efficiency and deliver continuous, incremental value, Hitachi Consulting helps create digital solutions that address some of the world’s biggest challenges.

That means not having the time to worry about whether its own environment is secure against malicious attacks that could impact the entire Hitachi, customer and partner ecosystem.

“We started looking at endpoint security,” said Michael Shisko, Director of IT, Hitachi Consulting, “that would give us the next-gen protection from zero-day exploits, from malware, from ransomware and from all of those new attacks that our traditional antivirus solution wasn’t giving us.”

Automated with minimal user impact

“The success factors that we had to meet were protection for the endpoint and autonomy,” said Jake Hartman, Manager of IT Support Services at Hitachi Consulting. “The clients needed to be autonomous and require very little administrative overhead. It also had to have a minimal impact on the endpoint itself.”

The Hitachi Consulting team chose SentinelOne’s Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) because of its unified detection, prevention, and response capabilities within a single, purpose-built agent. Providing complete visibility into the individual endpoints with full-context, real-time forensics, SentinelOne uses fully-automated, policy-driven response capabilities to eliminate threats rapidly.

Supporting all Windows versions as far back as XP, more than 10 flavors of Linux and Apple macOS, SentinelOne offered protection of all Hitachi Consulting’s 6,000 plus endpoints.

The solution requires minimal administration, saving time while providing complete visibility into all malicious activities.

Threats are identified and neutralized at the agent level, mitigating the risk of infection spreading across the network.

Leveraging AI for threat containment

Replacing traditional signatures and eliminating recurring scans that impact end-user productivity, SentinelOne’s single-agent technology uses multiple AI engines to stop attacks before they infect the system.

As soon as malicious activity is detected, the agent automatically responds at machine speed, providing real-time protection against executables, file-based and file-less malware, lateral movement tactics, weaponized documents and zero-day exploits.

If required, endpoints can be automatically isolated, disconnected from the network and rolled back to their pre-infected state.

“What allowed us to choose SentinelOne was that it handled every piece of malware and ransomware we threw at it,” said Hartman. “The second factor was the autonomy. SentinelOne is not something we have to handhold. We get it installed, and it does its job.”

Defending against every attack at every stage

“It’s always easy to pick a product if it does everything you need and doesn’t have any negatives,” said Shisko.

“SentinelOne did everything we needed from a management perspective, a deployment perspective and a protection standpoint. There were no gaps in what we were looking for, so it was a relatively simple decision when it came down to it.”

SentinelOne is the only platform that defends every endpoint against every type of attack and at every stage in the threat lifecycle.

With over 3,000 customers and year-on-year growth in excess of 300%, SentinelOne digests activity across millions of endpoints and billions of events every day.

New threats, including ones from state sponsored entities, are quickly identified and advanced techniques developed to minimize risk.

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