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Microsoft teams up with Intel to defend against cryptojacking

Microsoft teams up with Intel to defend against cryptojacking

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Microsoft Defender for End-point has expanded its use of Intel Threat Detection Technology to identify anomalies.

Microsoft and Intel have announced their collaboration to defend against cryptojacking. With this partnership, Microsoft Defender for End-point, a cloud powered end-point security solution, has integrated Intel Threat Detection Technology (Intel TDT) to enhance the detection capability and protection against cryptojacking malware.

Intel TDT advanced threat detection technology leverages CPU telemetry and machine learning (ML) heuristics to help end-point security solutions, such as Microsoft Defender, identify threats and detect anomalous activity. As soon as threats are detected, Intel TDT sends a high-fidelity signal that triggers remediation workflows of end-point detection and response (EDR) solutions to help protect the infected PC and prevent lateral movement across the corporate fleet.

Karthik Selvaraj, Principal Security Research Manager, Microsoft, said: “As organizations look to simplify their security investments, built-in platform-based security technologies, such as the integration of Intel TDT with Microsoft Defender for End-point, combine best of breed in a streamlined solution.”

The Microsoft Defender for End-point and Intel TDT integrated solution works natively with Intel Core processors and the Intel vPro platform, 6th Generation or above, and doesn’t require any additional investments, IT configuration or installation of agents.

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