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Fastly announces storage solution for customers with large content libraries

Fastly announces storage solution for customers with large content libraries

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Nearline Cache delivers fast performance, global scale, predictable cost and turnkey operations for customers, and validates the high-velocity development benefits of Compute@Edge.

Fastly, a global edge cloud platform provider, has announced Nearline Cache, a storage solution for customers with large content libraries.

Nearline Cache was built in the same serverless compute environment that forms the foundation of Fastly’s ground-breaking Compute@Edge product, enabling Fastly’s product development team to deliver a host of customer benefits and realize significant development and operational efficiencies.

Building Nearline Cache in Compute@Edge validates the foundational promise of the technology to enable breakthrough innovations at scale more easily and quickly. Compute@Edge allowed Fastly to deliver the global scale and high-performance customers require, while also reducing their operational overhead and eliminating the unpredictable costs.  

The advantages for Fastly were accelerated development time, global service deployment in seconds, and the ability to fully leverage the power of Fastly’s high-performance, software defined global network.

“The powerful serverless compute environment we built to help customers innovate quickly has brought those same benefits to Fastly,” said Nick Rockwell, Fastly’s Senior Vice President of Engineering.

“It is a really strong proof point for the value of Compute@Edge and Fastly’s ability to innovate faster – it’s a differentiator we plan on leveraging across our product lines, including security, delivery and compute. And Nearline Cache is an important addition to our capabilities, enabling customers with large content libraries to lower costs by storing long-tail content closer to their end-users.”

Compute@Edge enables organizations to build high-scale, globally distributed applications and microservices in a powerful and fast serverless compute environment that runs on Fastly’s edge cloud platform.

Designed to address the requirements of modern app development including CI/CD and DevOps workflows, Compute@Edge allows organizations to reduce infrastructure costs and scale instantly with better performance, enhanced visibility and reduced latency. At 35.4 microseconds, Compute@Edge provides a 100x faster code execution start-up time than other serverless solutions. And customers gain visibility into app development through granular real-time metrics, logging and tracing.

Nearline Cache enables organizations to automatically populate and store content in cloud storage that doesn’t incur egress costs near a Fastly point-of-presence (POP), while pulling content accessed later back into cache. This results in reduced total cost of ownership for long-tail content storage and delivery. Additionally, Nearline Cache instinctively auto-populates itself on the first cache miss asynchronously, minimizing latency for a better user experience.

The ability to use Compute@Edge to immediately and globally deploy an application like Nearline Cache, with critical development tools like Log Tailing, shows that Fastly customers can lean on the solution to dramatically reduce the overall develop, test and deploy cycle.

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