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Snowflake announces new features to bring together the world’s data in the Data Cloud

Snowflake announces new features to bring together the world’s data in the Data Cloud

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Advancements to data programmability, global data governance and platform optimisations empower more users than ever before with extensibility and choice.

Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, has unveiled its latest product innovations to redefine what’s possible in the Data Cloud.

The company has announced innovations in data programmability, global data governance and platform optimisations to empower organisations to bring more data together in the Data Cloud, achieving deeper value from data and powerful business insights.

Data programmability innovations:

  • Snowpark. With initial support for Java and Scala, Snowflake’s developer experience, Snowpark, allows data engineers, data scientists and developers to build using their preferred language and familiar programming concepts, and then execute these workloads directly within Snowflake.
  • Java UDFs. With Java user-defined-functions (UDFs), customers can bring their custom code and business logic to Snowflake for better performance and expanded use case capabilities, all while reducing management complexity.
  • Unstructured data. Snowflake is bringing accelerated time-to-value to unstructured data, enabling customers to store, govern, process and share file data alongside their structured and semi-structured data and unlock new revenue opportunities.
  • SQL API. The Snowflake SQL API enables custom and off-the-shelf applications to call Snowflake directly through a REST API, without the need for client-side drivers, thus reducing the complexity and administration overhead requirements.

Snowflake customers like Sainsbury’s are already leveraging Snowflake’s data programmability capabilities.

“Snowflake enables us with a flexible, scalable toolset and processing power to bring together granular data and build upon the data we already have,” Sainsbury’s Senior Data Viz and Automation Manager, Steven Henson-Tyers said. “With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, our data scientists have more access to the near real-time information needed to build and iterate on models more quickly and effectively.”

In addition to Snowflake’s core innovations in this area, it continues to expand and deepen its partner ecosystem. The new Snowpark Accelerated Program provides partners who integrate with Snowpark with access to technical experts and additional exposure to Snowflake customers.

Data science partners like Dataiku and DataRobot also continue to enhance their integrations with Snowflake. In addition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Snowflake integration with Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler. Snowflake can now be used as a data source in Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler to easily prepare data in Snowflake for Machine Learning.

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