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Red Hat and Boston University to advance open hybrid cloud research

Red Hat and Boston University to advance open hybrid cloud research

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Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions, and Boston University (BU) are collaborating to help fund education and research for open-source projects, communities and hybrid cloud operations.

To drive these efforts, Red Hat is donating software subscriptions, valued at US$551.9 million, to BU while also announcing a renewed and expanded commitment of US$20 million to support research and deepen collaboration under the Red Hat Collaboratory at BU. 

Combining Red Hat’s vast knowledge in open-source and hybrid cloud technologies with BU’s leadership in combining research and technology to solve real-world industry challenges, this partnership lays a foundation to accelerate breakthroughs in cloud-based technologies and related open-source projects, while building critical skills needed in the next wave of IT professionals.

Dr Robert A. Brown, President, Boston University, said: “The Red Hat Collaboratory and the open research cloud initiative create a unique environment in which academic researchers and the open- source community can engage.

“The cloud is transforming how research is conducted to address pressing societal challenges that require cross-disciplinary and cross-industry innovation. We are excited to renew and expand Boston University’s and Red Hat’s previous collaborations to drive research, education and collaboration in open-source technology and cloud systems.”

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