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Innovation is a strategic imperative for every business, government and non-profit

Innovation is a strategic imperative for every business, government and non-profit

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A survey from Invicti uncovers what is working well in efforts to protect organizations from cybercriminals.

It’s the path to competitive advantage, improved customer experience, and delivery on even the loftiest of missions.

Never has the pace of innovation been as rapid as it is at this moment, and this pace will only increase. 

Software, and web applications specifically, are central to innovation.

Organizations build them to improve service delivery, operational efficiency and create entirely new categories of products that solve what’s next.

As innovations in web applications drive the world forward, new risks with serious consequences have emerged.

Billions of web applications today represent a significant attack vector for malicious actors, who now use them nearly 40% of the time to gain access.

Complicating the situation is the massive shift to workforce virtualization, the breakneck migration to cloud and ransomware payouts that fund continued research and advancements for cybercriminal organizations.

Invicti partnered with Wakefield Research to survey 600 individuals.

Its sample spanned security, development and DevOps, and tapped both executives and hands-on-keyboard practitioners for their perspectives.

Invicti sought to uncover what is working well in their efforts to protect their organizations, what isn’t  — and where they see potential for things to get better.

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