Safe Security and Infosys partnership to identify enterprise vulnerabilities

Safe Security and Infosys partnership to identify enterprise vulnerabilities

Safe Security and Infosys announce strategic collaboration to bring cutting Edge Risk Quantification Solutions to market.

Safe Security, a global pioneer of cyber-risk quantification solutions, has announced a strategic collaboration with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.

Safe Security’s SaaS platform SAFE, combined with Infosys’s capabilities in quantitative cyber-risk management will enable organizations to get an enterprise-wide view of overall cyber-risks, predict breaches using SAFE’s proprietary algorithm and know the potential financial impact of each cyberattack before it occurs.

SAFE provides organizations with real-time visibility into their biggest cyber-risks across people, processes, technologies, cybersecurity products and third-party. This is done by aggregating signals via APIs into a single dashboard, with actionable insights and potential financial impacts.

The insights gained from SAFE also provide a common language for discussing cybersecurity risks with board members, auditors, and other internal and external stakeholders. By combining these insights with Infosys’ on-going strategic guidance, joint customers will benefit from a more proactive cybersecurity approach.

The current cybersecurity approach for most organizations is project-oriented where they purchase cybersecurity products and invest millions of dollars to defend against cyberattacks. Siloed cybersecurity services without a cohesive metric leaves cybersecurity evaluation as an opaque, jargon-rich, complex, point-in-time and reactive process.

To effectively cope with the increased intensity and frequency of cyberattacks, security and risk management leaders should look at a proactive and predictive cybersecurity approach.

Saket Modi, Co-founder & CEO, Safe Security, said: “Combined with SAFE’s unique capabilities of measuring, mitigating and managing cyber-risks and Infosys’s expertise in delivering seamless customer service through automation, innovation, and efficiency, we are bringing a powerful, and 360 degree cyber-risk management solution to the market. This global strategic collaboration will help accelerate the adoption of predictive risk quantification solutions and extend our leadership in this market.”

Strengthening Cybersecurity Investment Decisions

Currently, organizations tend to invest in cybersecurity products and services based on their cyber-risk maturity and not by having a complete understanding of their overall threats. The Safe Security and Infosys collaboration will give security and risk management leaders new insights into the overall performance of their cybersecurity investments, to help prioritize those that maximize security and ROI.

“We specialize in providing the business, technology and infrastructure consulting expertise that our customers depend on to further their digital initiatives and growth,” said Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of Cybersecurity Practice, Infosys.

“Safe Security is an ideal partner to bring even greater insights to our customers to manage their cyber-risks. Customers will now be able to identify the most critical gaps, prioritize them and plan accurate remediation.”

Amir P. Desai, CIO, Molina Healthcare, said: “Prior to SAFE, we didn’t have any centralized tool to monitor the security loopholes identified through configuration and vulnerability assessments, red teaming exercises, and security audits for compliance, for each technology stack across each of my Business Units and acquired businesses.

“With SAFE and Infosys’s leadership in helping large organizations manage cyber-risk, we now have a real-time, data-backed and continuous view of exactly how secure our critical applications storing, processing and managing PHI are.”

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