EFS Enterprises finds solid protection against cyberattacks with NeuShield

EFS Enterprises finds solid protection against cyberattacks with NeuShield

Oregon-based EFS Enterprises has protected its systems and data by deploying NeuShield Data Sentinel.

EFS Enterprises is a precision CNC machine shop with facilities located in Hillsboro, Oregon.

The company provides full-service machining for prototyping, and small to large production machining. Its systems include support for AutoCAD, IGES, STEP, STL and Parasolid and Drawings for light weight 3D visualization.

Over the last six years, EFS has been the target of four cybersecurity attacks. After the third incident, which was ransomware, the company sought help to protect its systems and data.

The problem

EFS works with a number of independent contractors. It had experienced multiple cyberattacks, and needed a solution that would protect its data, business applications, machine software programs and computer systems.

It just takes one mistaken click on an email link, or one episode of landing on a fictitious website, to fall victim to a ransomware attack. While EFS never paid the tens of thousands of dollars the cybercriminals tried to extort, the breaches did cost the company in downtime, lost productivity and customer project delays.

One ransomware attack also breached its offsite backup system. However, the company managed to eventually restore the data necessary to get back up and running. The restoration process required many hours of time and resources to get everything back in place.

The solution – NeuShield Data Sentinel

“Because we had suffered multiple security breaches, we had first-hand experience in dealing with the frustration, pain and difficulties of painstakingly restoring our data, software programs, workstations and servers, to get our business back up and running,” said Ernie Fisher, Senior, Founder and Owner of EFS Enterprises.

“I don’t wish this on anyone. And I didn’t expect a business like ours to be hit so many times. We didn’t want to experience those issues again, so, my IT guy went on a search to find a solution for us, and we were lucky enough to have discovered NeuShield.”

When a cyberattack occurs, the key is to get back up and running quickly. NeuShield makes getting back to pre-event status a fast one-click procedure. NeuShield’s software allowed EFS to avoid data losses and system infections, by placing a virtual shield over all of its digital assets.

NeuShield is also quick to install and deploy, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for even non-technical people to walk through the restoration process.

The result – Peace of mind

NeuShield Data Sentinel has given the company confidence knowing that its systems, applications and data are now protected. Since deploying NeuShield, EFS has actually experienced a ransomware breach.

Fortunately, Data Sentinel protected its systems, programs and data, and it was able to immediately get back up and running with a simple one-click auto restore on three of the five computers, and was able to retrieve the information from other computers with help from one of the NeuShield expert technicians over the phone.

“The fact that our business has been hit multiple times with ransomware, goes to show that company size doesn’t matter. The pain, in terms of downtime, cost, loss of data and delay of business that all companies experience when down is bad regardless of their size,” said Fisher.

“I’m just glad we have NeuShield to protect us. We’ve installed it on all of our systems, and now we have peace of mind knowing our business won’t be disrupted by similar attacks. As a business owner, it’s worth its weight in gold.”

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