Tridiuum resolves behavioral healthcare uncertainty with Infor

Tridiuum resolves behavioral healthcare uncertainty with Infor

Tridiuum, a digital behavioral health ecosystem and network management partner, is bridging the gap between patients, payers and providers to improve access and follow-up care for members in need.

Tridiuum’s flagship platform, Tridiuum ONE, combines nearly 20 years of behavioral health research and clinical expertise with innovative technology to power behavioral health operations and workflows to advance patient outcomes.

Over 2,000 clinical facilities use the Tridiuum ONE platform, with more than 10,000 healthcare providers using it to advance treatment for more than 12,000 patients every day.

Balancing the pressures of rapid growth with quality care

Tridiuum, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, was acquired by New Directions Behavioral Health in January 2022. Leading up to this, Tridiuum experienced heavy growth, with revenue of approximately US$10 million a year fueling its development.

The company has been dedicated to developing digital solutions focused on advancing the treatment of behavioral health conditions. Tridiuum identifies patients in need of behavioral health treatment and support, accelerates access to the most appropriate care, facilitates behavioral-medical integration and delivers a measurable impact on outcomes.

The Tridiuum ONE cloud-based platform is intended to unlock value and profitability by delivering improvements in access, management, and outcomes for patients, providers and health systems. It is proven to improve access by rapidly creating accurate matches between the patient and most appropriate provider, ensuring a measurement-based care approach that optimizes network management.

The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software. The data-driven platform includes its proprietary Behavioral Health Index (BHI) to quantify the severity of a patient’s behavioral health issues. 

Tridiuum ONE is used by more than 1.5 million-plus patients, with 12,000 daily assessments run through the platform and a total of 6 million assessments having been administered to date.

“Current access to behavioral healthcare is not really managed based on appropriate acuity,” said Deb Cypher, Chief Product Officer at Tridiuum.

“What makes us unique is using a fundamental concept that needs to be alive and well in behavioral health – and that’s driving faster and more accurate access to behavioral healthcare. Because among behavioral health’s challenges, that’s problem number one.

“The ability to use measurement-based care to set acuity levels at the point where a member is seeking care is critical,” she continues. “Having Tridiuum as a referee makes it go faster and makes it more accurate, which makes the duration more meaningful, and in many instances makes the duration shorter, which impacts cost and quality in a positive way.

“Our technology and its associated Artificial Intelligence and algorithms allow us over time to prove out which matches led to the best care in terms of patient satisfaction and treatment response,” Cypher said. “So even if the therapy took longer than expected, is it the right care, the right time and the right setting?”

The platform has been increasingly in demand as a digital partner and network ecosystem for healthcare providers around the country. The ultimate goal has always been to optimize the platform’s performance and continue to expand data connectivity.

Tridiuum recognized that Infor Cloverleaf technology solutions would be able to evolve the platform further, creating opportunities for better overall EMR integration while minimizing the number of different software solutions users would have to rely on.

Cypher notes: “Our users didn’t want to use multiple different pieces of software. They wanted to be able to go one place. And so in order to get them to leverage the data that we were producing, we recognized that we really needed to be able to integrate with their host systems.”

Bridging a vital patient data gap with Infor

The core ability of Tridiuum’s system is to place patient members with the right healthcare provider in the context of the right setting, cost and timeframe. Users are matched according to their needs with specific clinical professionals, all of whom are qualified by benchmarks within a highly regulated industry – with truly life or death outcomes depending on the quality of care.

While patients were reporting information and it was being gathered by Tridiuum’s system, a vast majority of the data wasn’t being used as an integral part of patient treatment.

“What we found,” said Cypher, “is that less than 10% of the reports and the information generated was actually opened by the providers.”

Yet the need for information was greater than ever. “Providing access to care is critical, especially in this current environment,” said Cypher.” I think the statistic was one in five people needing behavioral health care prior to COVID, and the statistic is more like one in three now after the last two years.”

By bringing in Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, Tridiuum accelerated its data integration strategy and gained the ability to facilitate better connectivity between provider EMRs and patient data.

Tech-driven solution for an evolving industry model

In today’s healthcare provider marketplace, many data aggregators are emerging quickly on the scene and trying to convince small practitioners to join their organizations. Tridiuum stands as a central conduit, using its platform to guide traffic, grounded on measurement-based care analysis, to decide which patient/provider connection would serve best in any given situation.

“The roots of our tool and its development came with the provider in mind, and that works as well for the payer. What we’re doing is marrying those concepts, and our flavor is appealing to the whole ecosystem,” said Cypher.

Maintaining seamless integration with the host EMR was critical. Users didn’t want to use multiple pieces of software to track and monitor data. Before Infor Cloverleaf, Tridiuum was relying on one-off custom integration builds and lacked a repeatable process for communicating via multiple platforms across different customer databases.

Making a real difference in healthcare outcomes

Another element that Tridiuum aimed to enhance was determining how best to differentiate behavioral health specialists. Unlike other forms of medicine, each behavioral healthcare provider could offer an enormously different clinical experience, different patient care strategy and even widely different administrative infrastructures.

The clinical strengths of each behavioral health community remain largely self-reported – but Tridiuum’s data-based approach can help establish who is actually good at which elements of care through measurable outcomes.

The ability to measure behavioral health outcomes required being able to facilitate the connectivity between provider EMR and Tridiuum’s patient data silos. Infor Cloverleaf helps Tridiuum measure provider success based on access and outcomes, ensuring patients are getting better and the relevant information is being used throughout the course of treatment.

Recognizing this improvement, Cypher states: “Our utilization rates are up. By demonstrating the value that we have in providing the information, people actually have become more willing to log into our system to access information or to utilize the results and the reports and things, both within our application as well as within their EMR.”

With Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, Triduum has finally implemented the centralized, enhanced user experience the organization sought for years.

Additionally, Infor’s software solution has greatly enhanced how Tridiuum shares patient data, empowering its ability to deliver actionable information in the timeliest fashion.

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