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City of Corona modernizes IT with Citrix to support remote work

City of Corona modernizes IT with Citrix to support remote work

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The City of Corona, California, scraps traditional solutions in favor of cloud offerings from Citrix to fuel secure work from anywhere.

Organizations around the world continue to struggle with whether and how to enable remote work, but the City of Corona isn’t among them.

The municipality embraced the concept long before the pandemic forced it to, and has built a powerful digital workspace that provides access to everything its employees need to engage and be productive, wherever they happen to be.

The journey began five years ago when the City of Corona, which sits in the heart of California earthquake and wildfire territory, implemented Citrix digital workspace solutions to ‘disaster proof’ its operations.

“In the event of an emergency, we need to be agile,” said Kyle Edgeworth, Deputy CIO, City of Corona. “We need access to our systems and our data and we’d like our employees to be able to work from anywhere.”

Citrix enables both and following a successful pilot, Edgeworth and his team moved to modernize its IT infrastructure and cloud-first strategy to support a wider implementation.

It started by dissociating traditional hardware from the computing equation and replacing it with Citrix’s cloud-delivered digital workspace solutions, Microsoft Azure NVv6 series powered by NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA virtual GPU technology and Azure Virtual Desktop.

“We made the decision to ultimately transition everything to the cloud,” Edgeworth said. “Citrix was the logical choice to pair with Microsoft, as it enhances the value of Azure Virtual Desktop, providing enterprise tools that improve user density and performance, allow us to provision workloads on-demand, and simplify how our team manages images and applications.”

There are benefits to using Citrix alongside NVIDIA as well. As a Citrix Ready Partner, NVIDIA virtual GPU technology is verified to work with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to power virtual workstations, desktops, and apps with an immersive user experience that keeps employees productive and engaged.

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