Darktrace announces new customers in the US transport and logistics sector

Darktrace announces new customers in the US transport and logistics sector

Darktrace, a global leader in cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence, has announced that several companies in the US transport and logistics sector have adopted Darktrace’s AI technology to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks.

US transport and logistics organizations to have recently chosen Darktrace include:

·      A leading railway company operating across 10 plus states

·      A warehousing and logistics provider with 2 million plus sqft of warehouse space

·      A transportation hub connecting 11 state-wide and interstate transportation systems

·      A leading retail logistics organization employing over 800 people

·      A US-based international maritime registry with 25 plus offices across the world       

By extending the areas that Darktrace’s technology protects, the railway company has not only strengthened its overall security posture and heightened its ability to deal with threats quickly and precisely but is better equipped to comply with the Department of Homeland Security’s TSA cybersecurity regulations, which require the reporting of cybersecurity incidents at surface transport operators to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) within 24 hours.

The increasing digitization of transportation networks allows organizations in this space to optimize their operations, from scheduling to the transportation of passengers and goods, but the complex intersection of IT and OT devices represents a wealth of potential entry vectors for malicious actors.

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