VIAVI announces new high-speed Ethernet testing platform

VIAVI announces new high-speed Ethernet testing platform

Viavi Solutions has highlighted its new Ethernet testing solutions.

Ethernet is driving bandwidth and scale at an ever-accelerating rate. Ethernet technology is also picking up key aspects of classic DWDM in areas like Data center Interconnection (DCI) and ultra-long range such as ZR.

This drives a new level of test requirements addressing scale and bandwidth of Ethernet coupled with service provisioning and DWDM capability. Network architects and developers, more than ever, need sophisticated instrumentation to test at higher speed Ethernet services for greater flexibility and performance.

VIAVI expands its presence in the Ethernet testing space with a new High-Speed Ethernet (HSE) Platform, a multiport solution that complements the industry-leading physical layer testing capabilities of the VIAVI ONT-800 Platform.

The HSE provides IC, module and network systems companies with high-speed devices for testing up to 128 x 800G. It offers physical layer test features with advanced traffic generation and analysis to troubleshoot and test the functionality and performance of integrated circuits and pluggable interfaces along with switching and routing devices and networks.

VIAVI also demonstrated the recently released 800G Ethernet Technology Consortium (ETC) capability of its ONT 800G FLEX XPM Module, supporting testing needs of hyperscalers, data centers and related applications. In addition to supporting the 800G ETC implementation, it also offers extensive Forward Error Correction (FEC) stress and validation tools critical to ASIC, FPGA and IP implementations. The VIAVI ONT 800G XPM also offers tools to validate potential draft IEEE 802.3df proposals.

“As the leader in optical network testing up to 1.6T, VIAVI continues to invest in helping its customers simplify the challenges and complications involved with testing at high Ethernet speeds,” said Tom Fawcett, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Lab and Production, VIAVI. “Our ONT-800 platform now supports 800G ETC, providing a logical addition to our solid physical layer testing foundation as we move up the Ethernet stack to the new HSE solution.”

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