ALTR rolls out Snowflake native format-preserving data protection using Snowpark

ALTR rolls out Snowflake native format-preserving data protection using Snowpark

New format-preserving data protection module pitched as having the potential to save millions of dollars on license fees and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on calls.

Data governance innovator ALTR has announced a module to encrypt and decrypt data natively within the Snowflake Data Cloud – cutting data security costs and accelerating query times up to 1000x for ALTR customers.

ALTR confirmed this the expansion of its SaaS data access control and tokenization solution at Snowflake Summit 2023.  

The solution has an industry-first, format-preserving data protection module running natively on Snowpark, Snowflake’s development framework, providing better security, up to 1000x faster results on queries that need detokenization, cost efficiencies and additional use cases for data sharing through easy tokenization of sensitive data.

ALTR’s new format-preserving data protection module allows sensitive data to be encrypted and decrypted by ALTR’s SaaS-based platform in Snowflake.

This takes the place of on-premises appliances that can cost millions of dollars per license and tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month for calls between Snowflake and the on-premises systems – while adding significant lag to each query.

ALTR’s solution allows queries to avoid those calls for a faster response time while also ensuring at-rest data is secure because it stays entirely within Snowflake.

Snowpark enables ALTR’s solution by delivering an execution environment to facilitate data encryption and decryption through support for fully functional applications.

“ALTR’s format-preserving encryption delivers powerful yet simple data protection to customers by securing data directly in Snowflake,” said Snowflake Security Field CTO and ALTR board member Jonathan Sander.

“It is also another demonstration of Snowpark’s value. Snowpark is enabling partners to deliver innovative solutions that make Snowflake easier to use for customers with critical workloads, like data science projects that must include the most sensitive, regulated data but also maintain high levels of data security.”

ALTR’s new module integrates seamlessly with the company’s existing data access control and security solution delivered natively in Snowflake as a highly available service.

“Format-preserving data protection functionality on its own is only part of the answer,” said James Beecham, Founder and CEO, ALTR.

“ALTR has already made essential data access control and security features easy to implement and manage via our SaaS platform, no-code interface, range of integration options, automated policy enforcement, patented data security functions and connections with data catalog and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) leaders. Adding this capability to our solution through Snowpark makes completely governing and protecting data at scale even more achievable for customers.”

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