Mobility Network and Sky Peak Technologies partner over optimized MVNO video content

Mobility Network and Sky Peak Technologies partner over optimized MVNO video content

Operators who work with Mobility Network offered ‘seamless integration’ of CORA ME into their operations.

Mobility Network is working Sky Peak Technologies targeting the cable and fiber industry as an MVNE working to establish competitive MVNOs within those markets.

“Today’s MVNOs need all the tools they can get to manage data consumption and therefore profit margins. We see Sky Peak as an important component in managing video resolution which is a chief element of data consumption,” said Jim Cannon, CEO, Mobility Network, Inc.

“We believe that partnering with Sky Peak will bring a reduction of 30-40% in standard handheld device data consumption. The best part is that the screen size on these devices will display the reduced resolution without compromising viewer satisfaction,” he said.

Sky Peak Technologies’ on-device, smart content shaping solution provides mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) an affordable way to manage the growing onslaught of streaming video on mobile devices.

This new solution attacks the increasing consumption of over-the-top streaming content at both the device and network level.

“We are excited to be an integrated technology partner with Mobility Network which will allow Mobile Operators who work with Mobility Network to seamlessly integrate CORA ME into their operations to the benefit of their subscribers and business operations,” said Cat Coughran-McIntosh, CEO and Co-Founder, Sky Peak Technologies.

Currently, 80% of the data volume on the cellular network is from streaming video content.

“In just the last few years, the demand for streaming video worldwide has exploded and is predicted to increase drastically year over year. The cost of using premium cellular bandwidth to deliver streaming video services to customers is an increasing burden to MVNOs and regional/rural MNOs,” says Coughran-McIntosh. “Our flagship product CORA Mobile Edge (ME) shapes data-intensive streaming video and right sizes it for the device requesting it, delivering a user experience with considerably less data – reducing the bandwidth and energy resources needed to keep pace with this voracious consumption of streaming video.”

With up to an 88% reduction in resources needed to deliver data-intensive content to mobile devices, the core value proposition of CORA ME is to enable operators to offer subscribers more streaming video content while freeing up the network for other operations – creating a more profitable environment for operators.

By utilizing CORA ME’s smart-shaping technology for smartphones and tablets that stream video while accessing the cellular network, operators can:

  • Leverage the demand for streaming video content to their advantage with Sky Peak’’ AI-driven shaping logic
  • Create streaming-content-focused plans that increase top-line revenue and improve profitability
  • Deliver more content for less data and energy
  • Take control of data management independent of on-network traffic management appliances
  • Obtain anonymized behavior intelligence to better understand subscriber streaming behaviors.

Sky Peak Technologies has successfully completed an initial security assessment based on ISO27001:2022 and OWASP criteria.

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