Thales brings passwordless fingerprint authentication to the Enterprise

Thales brings passwordless fingerprint authentication to the Enterprise

Thales has announced the SafeNet IDPrime FIDO Bio Smart Card – a security key that enables strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the enterprise.

This new contactless smart card allows users to access enterprise devices, applications and cloud services using a fingerprint instead of a password.

The smart cards also support contactless capabilities, allowing users to simply tap the card on any device supporting NFC.

For enterprise users, this smart card provides multiple benefits including better speed, security and convenience than traditional passwords.

Using these security keys, users have strong protection against account takeover and phishing on enterprise devices. User biometrics are securely stored in the card’s chip and never leave the smart card itself, ensuring a strong level of data privacy.

This solution can be used for all digital resources supporting the FIDO2 standard, including Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

Danny de Vreeze, Vice President, Identity and Access Management Products, Thales, said:MFA adoption has been a common barrier to ensuring security, as many users find it cumbersome and choose to bypass it. The SafeNet IDPrime FIDO Bio Smart Card helps to solve this challenge, introducing a physical form factor to strengthen security, while also providing a user experience that is both quick and seamless. Adding to a strong portfolio of FIDO-supported security keys and solutions, this product is on the cutting edge of phishing-resistant authentication.”

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