Netskope and Egress launch ‘transformational’ threat detection partnership

Netskope and Egress launch ‘transformational’ threat detection partnership

Netskope and Egress have announced a partnership to enhance behavioral-based threat detection and response – transforming the way organizations manage human risk in cloud email.

The partnership enables Egress to aggregate Netskope’s User Confidence Index (UCI) as part of its Human Risk Management solution.

Netskope’s AI/ML-derived UCI output is combined with threat intelligence sourced from the Egress platform and an organization’s wider cybersecurity ecosystem to generate holistic human risk scores for each individual user.

Netskope’s AI/ML capabilities provide per-user behavior analytics that correlate multiple, disparate activities to detect the anomalies that indicate insider threats, compromised accounts and devices, lateral movement, data exfiltration and advanced persistent threats across cloud-hosted platforms and applications.

By consuming the UCI risk score through native API integration, Egress will now leverage Netskope’s live behavior analytics as part of its adaptive security architecture, which automates personalized inbound and outbound email security controls based on real-time human risk telemetry.

David Willis, Vice President, Technology Alliances, Netskope, said the announcement marks an ‘exciting development’ for joint Netskope and Egress customers.

“(They) can now enhance their human risk scoring using Netskope One insights and continuously extend their behavioral-based threat detection and response across their cloud environments.”

Tony Pepper, CEO, Egress, said: “By combining the deep behavioral analytics generated by both Netskope and Egress, joint customers will benefit from unprecedented visibility into human risk and automated defenses that eliminate advanced email threats, tailored to each individual employee.”

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