CrowdStrike and Rubrik announce strategic partnership to transform data security

CrowdStrike and Rubrik announce strategic partnership to transform data security

Combination of the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform and the Rubrik Security Cloud delivers visibility and context-rich insights needed to protect critical data.

CrowdStrike and Rubrik have entered a strategic partnership to accelerate data security transformation and stop breaches of critical information.

By unifying rich, data-centric attack context from the Rubrik Security Cloud with the industry-leading AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform, organisations can rapidly detect, investigate and stop attacks targeting sensitive data.

“CrowdStrike Falcon has become cybersecurity’s source of truth and platform of record. Our partnership with Rubrik strengthens CrowdStrike’s data gravity, unifying threat detection with data discovery, classification and backup,” said Daniel Bernard, Chief Business Officer, CrowdStrike.

“Through this partnership, we’re delivering the visibility and context security teams need to prioritise and accelerate response actions required to stop breaches of sensitive information – all from a single platform.”

Anneka Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Rubrik, said: “Legacy backup tools are not designed for modern cyberattacks, and many organisations are now paying the price. The gap between threat detection, data discovery, and classification creates significant visibility challenges for security teams defending critical data.”

“With CrowdStrike, we are helping our customers up the ante against cyber adversaries, allowing security teams to identify and defend against attacks swiftly – and ultimately boost cyber resilience.”

CrowdStrike is pitched as generating the highest-fidelity security telemetry – enriched with industry-leading adversary intelligence and human expertise to power every aspect of the Falcon platform.

By unifying it with the rich, data-centric context from the Rubrik Security Cloud, organisations can gain context-rich insights, such as attack behaviours and critical data being targeted, that Drive accelerated detection, investigation, and recovery.

Organisations can optimise security and IT operations, reduce alert fatigue, and focus efforts on stopping data breaches.

“With Rubrik’s data security intelligence, CANCOM’s focused solutions and services, and CrowdStrike’s cutting-edge cyber security solutions, we will fortify our offering with increased protection, faster recovery and reduced data security risk. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to reinforcing cybersecurity measures and empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of the cyber landscape with confidence,” said Alexander Ernst, Director Competence Center – Network & Security, CANCOM.

Jordan Hildebrand, Global Cyber – Practice Director Security Operations at World Wide Technology, said:

“We believe the Rubrik and CrowdStrike partnership and the value of their integrations will bring our customers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. With these two leaders coming together, World Wide Technology will now be able to empower our customers to safeguard their critical data, identify threats, and enable rapid recovery while also enabling Business Continuity in the face of evolving cyber threats.”

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