BeyondTrust named a leader in identity threat detection and response

BeyondTrust named a leader in identity threat detection and response

BeyondTrust has been recognised as a leader in KuppingerCole Analysts AG’s 2024 Leadership Compass, Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR): IAM Meets the SOC.

In addition to being recognised as an ‘Overall Leader’ in the report, BeyondTrust is also named as a leader in the Innovation, Product and Market categories.

The KuppingerCole Leadership Compass is an independent research report with in-depth ratings and reviews to help identity and security leaders choose solutions that can have the most comprehensive impact on their cybersecurity programs.

“BeyondTrust’s ITDR solution excels in a majority of the categories measured,” said Mike Neuenschwander, VP KuppingerCole US and Global Head of Research Strategy.

“For example, we note in the report that BeyondTrust was able to identify more than 15,000 accounts and then associate those accounts with 5,000 identities – improving the visibility and manageability of the organisation’s identity surface.”

Without active threat detection and monitoring, it can be challenging to differentiate between a valid user with compromised credentials and an adversary posing as that user.

“The identity threat landscape is constantly evolving with an alarming rise in identity-based attacks,” said Marc Maiffret, Chief Technology Officer, BeyondTrust. “This recognition as an ITDR Leader validates BeyondTrust as a trusted leader in identity security. We are the best unified vendor that helps organisations gain threat-aware context and protect their identity landscape across on-premises, clouds, identity providers, and SaaS environments from a single place.

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