Xperience 2024: National Domestic Violence Hotline wins CX Humanitarian award from Genesys

Xperience 2024: National Domestic Violence Hotline wins CX Humanitarian award from Genesys

The Hotline receives new award for using Genesys Cloud AI capabilities to transform support for domestic violence survivors.

Genesys has announced the National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) as the Customer Experience (CX) Humanitarian winner during its 19th annual Customer Innovation Awards.

The Hotline received the award at Xperience 2024 in Denver for leveraging the Genesys Cloud platform to ‘carefully and sensitively’ transform support for domestic violence survivors.

As the only national, 24/7/365 service dedicated to serving survivors of domestic violence in the United States, The Hotline is often the first contact a survivor makes on their journey to safety.

However, the organization’s mission to return power back to those affected by domestic violence was at risk by massive demand for its life-saving resources and limited funding to hire more advocates to help.

The Hotline turned to the AI-powered experience orchestration capabilities of Genesys Cloud to quickly scale its operations and strengthen support for advocates administering survivor-centered services with sensitivity, urgency and care. It now conducts 100% of its interactions within the Genesys Cloud platform using voice, web chat, SMS and teletype channels. To date, The Hotline has answered more than 7 million calls, chats and texts.

Leveraging Genesys Cloud AI, the Hotline was focused on expanding its ability to help more survivors through two main areas: quickly support those who prefer to engage through self-service methods and empower advocates with better resources to provide aid.

While many survivors reach out to speak with an advocate, others may prefer or even need to seek aid through self-service channels. With Genesys Cloud AI, The Hotline can better identify and enable these survivors to search for services and information while considering demographics like religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity and more. This can provide survivors assistance in the way best suited for their specific needs and improve the availability of services for those who would be better aided by speaking directly with an advocate.

The advocates working with The Hotline are highly trained to provide quality, trauma-informed education, validation and connection to empower victims and survivors to make

life-changing decisions with dignity and respect. With Genesys Cloud AI automatically surfacing suggested responses and information, advocates can provide faster and more comprehensive support to contacts and progress conversations in a positive manner.

“With help from Genesys Cloud AI, we are now able to ensure our advocates spend the majority of their time communicating with survivors who would benefit the most from personal conversations and are aided with the best information to help them,” said Marty Hand, Chief Technology Officer, The Hotline. “Providing valuable self-service options, while also making it easier to connect with advocates, puts control back into the hands of survivors — empowering them to make their own choices, which are often taken away by abusers.”

The CX Humanitarian Award is a new addition to the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards. The category honors organizations that are leveraging Genesys technology to serve humanity and make the world a better place.

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